How to Save your Wooden Flooring in Snowy Winters?

During the winter months there is plenty of snow that is tracked in and that means that there is also going to be melting water, dirt and even salt. You should make sure to take precautions to ensure that your wood floors don't get damaged during this time and there are plenty of ways to ensure this. We all know that too much water seepage into the wood can cause warpage, which would make the floors look horrible, so here are some top ways to ensure that you can save your flooring.

First off, place a welcome mat on the porch or step that is located right outside of the door and have everyone try to get as much of the snow and other elements off as possible. Also, keep another one inside the door so that they can attempt the same thing again before traversing into the house. If the area near your door isn't made of hardwood, then make sure that your family or guests take off their shoes there, which would be the best idea for saving your floors.

Also, make sure to put aside a container that is water tight and can hold all of the shoes from the family and possible guests, which would allow the water to melt in the container instead of all over the floor. If you have pets, ensure that before they are allowed to run through the house unchecked that you wipe down their paws to get all of the dirt, snow and anything else cleaned up. If there is a door that doesn't have any mats or protection, then ensure that door is used as little as possible.

Another good idea is to ensure that the humidity level of your house is at a consistent level since the constant running of your furnace can change the humidity level. To ensure the humidity level and to keep your floors from warping simply use a dehumidifier or humidifier, or even both, so that the levels stay the same and your floors are protected.

Make sure to clean your floors regularly because even if you are a vigilante regarding everyone removing their shoes there is bound to be something that gets on the floors. Make sure to wipe up any puddles of water or any other liquid that you see on the floor immediately and ensure that there are no other puddles. Also, you can polish your floors, which would give them a bit more protection from the elements.

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