How to take care of a Damaged flooring?

Damaged flooring is one of the worst things that can happen to your flooring, but if you know what you are doing, then there are plenty of ways to take care of the flooring. When you first lay down the wooden floors you should ensure that they are properly put down because that will be the first step in ensuring they are well cared for. You should also understand the flooring and know if it is real wood or if it is merely a laminate, which would make the difference in how to take care of it.

The engineered wood flooring are simple to keep clean and undamaged, however, we all know that some things are out of our control. First, you should ensure that there is no grit or dirt left on the floors because they are what will cause dulling, dents and scratches in the beautiful wood. Make sure to keep the floor swept and if you find a lot of dirt make sure to clean it up as soon as you can to ensure that nothing gets damaged.

Other things that you should make sure to clean up immediately include any spills such as water. These can warp your wood floor and even damage whatever finish you have given. Make sure to clean any spills as they happen. Also, don't clean the floors with any harsh cleaners and avoid any soaps that contain oil since they can build up over time. When moving your furniture, make sure to pick it up directly instead of trying to drag it because that will cause scratches.

There are things that you should do on a regular basis to ensure that your hardwood floors are looking their best. First off, make sure to sweep the floor with a good broom and make sure to get all of the grit and dust off the floor. You can also vacuum the floors, but make sure to use the brush attachment not the actual vacuum itself to avoid getting any scratches. Also, make sure to use a good dust mop to apply any treatment to the floors.

If you get stains on your wood floor there are different ways to try to get rid of them and the easiest way is to take some steel wool and some floor cleaner to get most of them out. If you have to take steel wool to the wood, make sure that if required you refinish it and wax it again before anything else. Some of the top stains that can be removed this way include those from water, burns from cigarettes, caster and heel marks, dark spots or ink spots and many more.

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