Industry Specific Flooring Range to Suit Every Preference

The Commercial front has its specific needs for a distinctive flow for a seamless movement of man, machine, materials and handling equipment. Floors must also be standardized on the grounds of being:

1.     Hygienic (No gaps or joints to allow seepage)

2.     Ease of Cleaning and Sanitization (Through Cold water, hot water, steam cleaning)

3.     Abrasion resistant

4.     Chemical resistant (acids, alkaline, solvent)

5.     Resistance to weight-loading

6.     Ease of overall maintenance

7.     Anti-stain properties

8.     Flammability and Fire safety

9.     Scratch Resistance

Most of the times, the requirement criteria clash with each other. Anti-skid flooring is not very amenable to thorough cleaning, chemical – resistant options are not usually abrasion – resistant etc. The trick then is to find options particular to each industry and that which is durable and made from high-performance materials. Withstanding the onslaught of heavy footfall, replacing the flooring every few years is not a very viable option neither is it desirable. So, let’s traverse a cross-section of the various industries and assess their specific needs, in an effort to bridge the gap between they currently use and what their optimal choice should be:

Hospitality Industry: The four wings of hospitality industry(Food and beverage, lodging, travel and tourism) till date has been staunch patrons of using carpets for their noise absorbing ability, low pricing and a rich, luxurious feel, not to mention the ease of replacement.

However, carpets are prone to wear and tear and liable to need replacement every couple of years, making it a cumbersome proposition.  Industry patrons, now advocate shifting to slightly more expensive but much more durable and sleeker choices of Engineered Hard Wood Flooring. This is not only unmatched in terms of the look and the feel but comes without the hassle of frequent makeover. Thus, the selection worth every single penny expended. Designer Solid Wood planks make maintenance a breezy affair and take care of all the dirt, grime and spills that are part of this industry. Vinyl and Laminated Floor types are the other cost-friendly and easy to maintain options, though the difference in aesthetics between the two will be starkly evident.

Health Care Industry: From the humble doctor’s clinic to the health care centres to hospitals and diagnostic centres, flooring in this industry has a lot to match up to. It needs ease of movement of both man and wheels, it needs thorough cleaning and sanitization, it needs to be visually appealing, exuding hope and positivity and it needs to be skid resistant. Engineered hardwood flooring options, which match visuals with low – maintenance present a wide range to suit the diverse needs of this industry.

Gyms/ Fitness Industry: Ease of maintenance, anti-skid, weight-resistant, durable and resilient flooring is the need of this fast-growing health care industry. Options are varied, depending on the budget and preference. However, it is worth noting that the sturdy Hardwood Flooring makes for a better option than denser Hardwood Flooring in such scenario to offer more sustainability at a bit higher price. Hardwood floorings can last for hundreds of years, literally. The different forms of damages don’t seem to have many effects in diminishing the strength and the life of hardwood flooring. it becomes the perfect option for people wanting to renovate their Gyms with a long-lasting flooring option.

White- Collar Industry: Aesthetics, sophistication and the ability to resist heavy footfalls of traffic are the need of this industry. Floors which can sustain shifting of heavy office furniture, ability to be cleaned and maintained well with no special effort and the need to balance the visuals with the functionality is imperative to be considered in the office spaces. Laminated wooden flooring is a popular alternative to real wood flooring in terms of reasonable cost, effortless installation and low maintenance.

This is evident that industries are growing at unmatched paces, vying for attention, business and increased turnover. It only makes sense, in such a scenario to set a distinctive benchmark for your unit based on making the best choice that matches your high level of aesthetics with your budget constraints and long-term vision. Browse through the huge range of options available at Durable engineered Oak Flooring Store in London, for the best buying experience.

Take it up from the flooring and you can only end up soaring higher.






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