Insulating Hardwood Flooring

As energy prices continue to trend in the upward direction, home owners are rapidly beginning to look for alternate options when it comes to saving money through energy conservation. There are a lot of ways to conserve energy; insulating hardwood flooring is just one of them. However, this is not an option worth ignoring.

Old hardwood floors can become cold and formidable in winters. Imagine how cold your house would become eventually, without the proper heating facilities. For this very reason, it is important to insulate your floors, in order to keep the house nice and warm in winters. Different wooden floors require different insulation treatment; for this very reason, it is equally important to not treat this subject lightly.

Subfloor Insulation

Subfloor Insulation simply means that you can insulate your floors from underneath, which in turn will provide the required heat within your house’s interiors. Some materials which can be used for insulation sub floors include, but are not limited to:

·        Batts: Glass fiber or polyester

·        Foil: Thermo-reflective insulation

·        Polystyrene batts

Depending on the spaces between the floor boards, the insulation materials would also have to vary. The higher the space, the better would be the capacity to insulate the sub floors. However, most times, there is only 3 to 4 inches of space between the floor and the boards, which means that you might need to end up spending on more expensive insulation materials.

Spray Foam

Traditional insulation techniques don’t go a long way in helping you insulate your wooden flooring. Fiberglass and cellulose tend to sag over a period of time, which simply means that they would not be a very good set of materials to help insulate your floors. Considering the fact that maximum heat loss happens through the floors, it’s important to be able to insulate the floors in a fool proof, effective manner.

If you want to save money, and be able to get the most out of your insulation needs, then spray foam is the answer to all your woes. It not only provides a better seal for your floorboards, but also keeps the heat locked in, and the cold air locked out. As a result, you will experience the seasons as they should be, without incurring heavy electricity bills.

Here are some more benefits of using spray foam as an insulating material for your hardwood flooring.

·        Spray foam is environment friendly

·        Improves sound proofing

·        Better resale value for your house

·        It reduces your electricity bills manifold

Insulation can go a long way in helping you save on your electricity bills. The type of insulation and the type of engineered oak flooring can determine the amount of insulation needed. There are a lot of shops which sell Cheap Solid Oak Flooring and Cheap Engineered Oak Flooring. If you don’t want to spend too much money on oak flooring, then you can definitely buy these flooring types from Nexus flooring. Use a good insulation material under these floors at the time of installation and you will be all set to go.

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