Interior Design and Solid Wood Flooring

Interior design is an important element that not only fills the spaces within your home, but adds a sense of character to it. The character can lie in something as simple as a piece of artwork, a complimentary colour scheme, as well as the type of flooring you choose for your home.

Wooden floors have become a big trend and have replaced the old traditional carpentry in many homes all around the world. Today, wooden flooring is considered to be a feature of the design that can transform any room in your house and add to the charm of one’s home without adding any other decorative pieces.

There are many different types of character-infused floors to choose from. Wooden flooring has, in fact, become such a big part of the interior designing industry, such that the growth of retailers thereof has increased at an immense pace over the last few decades.

Create an interior effect with different types of wooden floors

Different wooden flooring includes different shades of oak, reclaimed wood, and painted floors for different rooms in your house and parquet herringbone patterned floors.

Wooden flooring can also be uniquely designed and engineered according to the preference of what you’re looking for. Most engineered wooden flooring stores sell designer solid wood planks, which makes it easier to implement them in your home. There are also different styles of wood flooring to choose from, including different shapes and sizes.


4 Types of wooden floors


Oak Parquet wooden floor

Want to add a creatively styled pattern into your living space without making it look cliché? Look no further than the Oak Parquet wooden floor which comes in many different intricate designs that will spice up any room and add necessary character to it.

Pale Parquet wooden floor

This type of wooden floor is considered as a sophisticated option when it comes to any type of flooring. It is made up of smart oak wood with the shape of herringbone blocks that can add a sense of elegance to any living space. This wooden floor also compliments wooden furniture beautifully.

Bronze Beading wooden floor

If you're looking for a touch of pure interior architecture, bronze beading wooden floors will have you intrigued. The floor is made up of strips of bronze beading, combined with smoked oak floorboards and the popular chevron design. This type of wood will light up any room in your house eloquently.

Engineered wooden floor

For something that involves less of patterns and in turn makes a subtle statement in your home, then engineered wooden floors are definitely the way to go. These floors are uniquely designed to sustain its quality in humid environments such as bathrooms and even your kitchen that is affected by steam on a daily basis.

Engineered wood can best be described as strips of wood that are added to multiple layers of ply. This type of wood is also perfect for under floor heating and comes in a variety of wood-styled pallets and shades that can be added within any room.

These different types of integrated wooden flooring can be found at any engineered wood flooring store in London

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