Interior Design Ideas for Large Living Rooms

Large rooms might have a lot of extra space, but that does not necessarily mean that they would be easy to decorate. You can’t just throw some furniture around, install solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring and say that you have successfully managed to decorate your large living room. In order to get the most out of your living room, you need to plan carefully and play with the options, before narrowing down on the one which best fits the bill.

Here are some interior designing ideas which can spruce up a large living room in your house:

  1. Placing tall potted plats strategically: If your room is vertically tall, you can place some nice, tall potted plants in strategic positions, to cover some of that extra spacey spots. Try putting these plants near the windows, so that they get enough light during the day while looking elegant at night. However, don’t buy obnoxiously tall plants, which might not go with your surroundings.
  2. Use two-tone colours on your walls: Painting different tones colours on your walls can infuse a cosy feeling inside a large room, thereby giving it a nice subtle look and feel. This way, you can successfully trick your eyes into feeling like sitting in a comfortable, yet well-decorated room.
  3. Swap coffee tables for large ottomans: Large rooms often make the distance look more than it is. If there are sofas and one coffee table, most often you might feel there is a lot of gap between the two. During the decorating stage, choose a big upholstered ottoman instead of a coffee table, to naturally fill up the extra space between the sofas.
  4. Make use of console tables: Using console tables to demarcate the zones in a large living room can do wonders for your room. Locate an ideal spot for your sofa, place a beautiful console table next to it, and you are done. You don’t have to create obvious dividing lines between the furniture; just subtly create a division with console tables.
  5. Decorative screens to the rescue: Talking about dividing the room, one can’t overlook the use of decorative screens to do your bidding. You can install a decorative folded screen behind your sofa and see how your room lights up with the beautiful magic of well-done interior design.

L-shaped sectional: Large living rooms are best filled with L-shaped sofas, which can really cover up all those lonely spots. Use them to your advantage, and let your furniture help you get rid of all that extra space.

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