Is Your Wooden Floor on the Trend?

It?s that time of the year when you probably want to start looking at refurbishing your interiors and a great place to start to give you room a completely different look and feel is the flooring. The options these days are vast, so let?s start with the current favourite ? solid wood flooring.

When it comes to flooring options, wood flooring beats all other flooring options hands down. Right from solid wood to engineered oak flooring or laminated wood, there is definitely something for everyone to choose from. And as with any consumer item, wood flooring also has ?trends? and seasonal collections. Designers as in the fashion world are busy creating new and exciting options for customers that reflect changing times and also complement the changing interiors trends too.

 Solid wood

One of the top sellers for 2016 has been Solid Oak flooring ? which is incredibly versatile, ranging from light shades and wide planks, to natural and rustic shades with smaller width ? you can literally create the perfect floor to match the look and feel of the room. For example, light shades relate to light and airy spaces; while wide planks can work wonders in big and small rooms alike. Add some stunning rustic wood flooring to the collection, and you will have a winner on your hands.

 Parquet flooring

They say old is gold? and one classic that is definitely back in favour is 60s trendsetting parquet flooring. Made of small wooden blocks set in patterns, so many parquet floors have been covered up with carpet over the past 40 years? and often this stunning treasure is just waiting to pop out and complete the house. But if you haven?t found parquet under the carpet, you can still have it laid ? and these days you?re not as restricted with colours and patterns. Modern parquet solutions offer a great deal of flexibility and versatility when it comes to laying patterns and choosing your floor?s colouring and finish. Parquet floors not only add a subtle charm to the interiors but also add a zing to the very essence of your wood flooring. Bring back the retro look to your interiors and see them shine like never before.

 Contemporary Colour Tones

Gone are the days of just choosing between a light and a dark wood for your flooring ? it?s all about colour combinations now. A full spectrum of colours can do wonders for your interiors, and different wood colours can really complement and bring out the best in your furnishings. Mix and match different shades of your wooden flooring with your furniture and wall colours, giving your rooms personality, elegance and a little extra flair.

So, if you?re someone who likes to experiment with colours, styles and varieties, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to solid wood flooring. Just a few simple words of advice from our experts at Nexus before you make your final selection:

keep in mind where the flooring will be used and think carefully about the impact it could have on the ?size? of your room (remember light colours and wide planks make a room feel more spacious)

remember a floor is not like a wall that you can just paint over when you get bored ? it is an investment and so you need to choose something you?re prepared to live with for at least a year

don?t make a knee-jerk decision ? order samples, have a play around and think about the feel of the overall room and also how it fits with the rest of the house

Check out some of the current trending solid wood flooring options and order a free sample today from Nexus Flooring, to see what suits your interiors.

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