Looking for Best Laminate flooring? Here are your options.

When it comes to flooring, it can be a complete minefield with so many options to choose from. Do you go full traditional and authentic with the solid wood option, be more practical with engineered wood or the least stressful option – choose laminated flooring over everything else?  Today we turn our attention to laminate flooring, which also has a number of permutations and options that you need to think about and choose from!

Laminate flooring is made out of a dense fiberboard, which encapsulates a designed layer beneath a protective plastic cover sheet; it has been designed in such a way so as to be able to mimic just about any kind of flooring material. A lot of laminated flooring suppliers actually use cork beneath the plastic layer, so that the laminated flooring stays fresh and vibrant throughout its life.

One of the greatest advantages of good quality laminated flooring is that it remains scratch free, especially, if maintained properly.

As with all flooring, there are a variety of different options to consider, so here’s some advice from our team at Nexus:

·       Hand scraped laminated flooring: Designed for people who want their floors to mimic natural wood, the hand scraped laminated flooring option is ideal for people who crave for a realistic approach in their interiors. The hand scraped version is durable, resilient, warm and full of character and adds an authentic look and feel to the wood grain texture.

If you want the look of wood flooring, but none of the hassle of maintaining and installing real hardwood floors, then a hand scraped laminated floor is the answer to all your problems.

·       Textured laminated flooring: Offices and homes, which have a lot of footfalls should consider the textured laminated flooring for their interiors. The top layer is thick and scratch resistant; given its hard and durable layer of protective lamination, it adds a lot of charm to the interiors. The idea is to help avoid any kind of scratches and marks on the surface, thereby keeping the wooden flooring’s design and structure intact.

·       Smooth laminated flooring: Add a subtle, yet natural look to your floors, with the smooth laminated flooring option. Designed and crafted specifically to mimic varnished hard wood flooring, the smooth laminated flooring is available in different shades and hues.

No matter what your style or preference, there is always a laminated flooring design to please your senses. Ranging from antique effects to ultra-modern flooring designs, you name it and a good laminate flooring supplier will have it. The natural finish, the glossy touch and the ability to mimic any type of wooden flooring design makes it a very practical option for people looking to add a class to their interiors. 

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