Latest trends for wood flooring

Since you have made up your mind about installing wood floors in either your home or office, it is time for you do a comprehensive study of the latest trends for wood flooring so that you can select the best trend that suits your requirements and delivers a character and depth to your rooms. No matter what kind of wood flooring option you choose, an authentic flooring option is always a winner. Going back to history for your wood flooring inspiration is the key to finding a wood floor that goes with your aesthetic and eclectic taste. 
When you use reclaimed floors from old buildings or other structures, chances are that you would find hand-scraped marks on them. The look and feel of the erstwhile hand-scraped floors can be achieved today when you use modern machines or tools, but the effect they leave behind is truly the reflection of the work of a master craftsman recreated. When you walk barefoot on these floors, you are bound to feel the variations and it will transport you to an era when all this was done by hand. 
Wood planks with a wide width are also a growing trend in wood flooring. The floors from yesteryears had the width of 5-8 inches, compared to what we find today. This kind of 
flooring does remind you of the times when the trend was such. The possible reason was that, in earlier times, the trees were only cut when they were mature enough, which sadly does not happen now. Today the thinner planks are a result of trees being cut down fairly sooner. The trend shows that people are more convinced with the beauty offered by the wider planks. 
Another trend that is catching with the general population is the distressed wood flooring. Though the trend draws its inspiration from the 1970s, it can be seen that the trend was 
further popularised in the 1990s. This flooring can be found in the reclaimed floors of yesteryears as well. The marks of rough use, on this aged timber, can be recreated today with the help of machines and tools to get the look of authenticity just right. Exotic hardwood floors are also a trend as they reflect the authenticity and the aesthetics of the homeowner.
Teak, tiger wood, Brazilian cherry, etc. are examples of exotic hardwood that can truly inspire you to go the natural way in wood flooring. They work with most decors and furniture 
and hence are a safe bet in decorating your homes or offices. For all such varieties and more, Nexus Flooring is the option at hand.

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