Parquet vs Laminated flooring: the winning choice is?

Flooring forms an integral part in any home’s interior plans. In reality, the optics and the practical properties should be in sync with the functions of the room. Given this factor, there are a series of options to choose from. However, which one is the best of the lot?

Since parquet and laminated flooring are two of the most preferred options these days, let’s take a quick dive into the true reality of these two flooring options to see which emerges as the clear winner.

Laminated flooring: the wooden flooring look alike

Laminated flooring is made of a composite material, which is derived from thermoset plastics. These plastics can’t be deformed post-curing, which allows the manufacturers an opportunity to create different flooring designs.

The top layer of laminated flooring is a protective layer, which consists of thin paper soaked in melamine adhesive. Underneath this layer, there is a decorative sheet of paper, which gives the flooring a desired look and feel. The lower layers are glued to support the upper plates. The support plates are either an MDF plate or an HDF plate. The lowest layer consists of paper or plastic, which is attached to prevent any kind of deformation to the upper layers.

In order to find the right laminated fit for your home’s use, it’s best to define the stress classes. The higher the load class, the more durable the laminate flooring would be.

Differences between laminated flooring and parquet flooring

Starting material: The prime most difference between the two flooring types is the building material. While laminated flooring is made of plastic, parquet flooring is made out of pure wood. This distinction can be made on the basis of use.

Durability: On one hand, parquet flooring, like engineered oak flooring, is extremely durable. However, laminated flooring is not far behind in terms of durability. With its various layers, laminated flooring does prove to be quite durable in homes and other areas.

Replacement and disposal: Whenever laminated flooring is replaced and disposed of, it can prove to be an issue, considering it is made out of plastic. On the contrary, parquet flooring is easy to replace and dispose of at the same time. Dents and scrapes are permanent in laminated flooring, which will be a problem in the long run. Subsequently, parquet flooring can be sanded off, resealed, or oiled after years of use, which makes it look as good as new. At the end of the day, solid oak flooring and engineered wood flooring have their own look and feel, which are beyond any other flooring’s scope. In other words, wooden flooring, like parquet flooring will always be preferred over laminated flooring, making it an instant choice for people who have a fancy for durability and style.

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