Plan a Engineered Wood Flooring for your Kitchen

Have you ever thought about giving your kitchen a hardwood floor? What about an engineered one? The engineered wood flooring is real wood that is finished and can be any different widths from 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch and then non-finished plywood underneath that. You might think that having plywood underneath your wood floor would be a bad choice, but it actually good to have it there. The plywood gives additional strength and thickness to the floors, which is good, especially in kitchens.

SImilar to solid oak flooring, engineered wood flooring has many varieties that you can choose from and some of the most popular ones include hickory, oak, maple and bamboo. The floors merely need to be laid and should be done so by someone who knows what they are doing. If you don't know how to lay wood flooring, then you should hire someone to take care it for you to ensure that it is done properly.

Because the engineered wooden flooring is finished before it is laid you can walk on the floor as soon as it has been laid. The flooring is also sanded down before being sealed and you can get the wood unsealed, but then you would need to seal it and won't be able to walk on it until it is done. However, one of the best things about this engineered flooring is that it can be sanded down to get rid of dings and scratches. The only thing is that you can only sand it 1 to 3 times, which depends on the thickness of the wood.

This flooring works perfectly in rooms that have light moisture, including the kitchen. However, you should know that if your kitchen floor regularly gets extremely wet or flood that the wooden flooring isn't the best for this room. There are plenty of different ways that this flooring can be put down and you choose the best way for you and your family. You can simply nail down the floor boards, glue them down or create a floating floor.

However, this time of wood flooring can be more expensive that the traditional laminate, but somewhat cheaper than the typical wood flooring. It is a better value than the laminate as well because you can always sand down the wood a bit to get rid of the dings and scratches or to bring the wood grain out.

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