Smoked Oak Engineered Flooring for Rustic and Individual Feel

Engineered oak flooring has become an instant hit with a lot of people. Unlike solid oak flooring, engineered oak flooring is preferred over its counterpart, simply because of its sturdiness and durability. Add a touch of flexibility and you have a winner on your hands. Due to these varied reasons, engineered oak flooring is the preferred choice for a lot of home owners these days.

When it comes to Engineered oak flooring, there are a lot of options available in the market. Are you a fan of the rustic look within your house? If you want your house to provide you the most sensual, rustic look, without having to incur too many heavy costs, then the smoked oak engineered flooring option is ideal for you.

Smoked oak engineered flooring is extremely distinctive and was introduced in the market in the year 2012. As a result of the natural smoking procedures, the engineered oak planks become more stable and the grain of the wood becomes lighter than the weight of the wood itself.

This stunning feature comes when the engineered oak planks are left in an atmosphere enriched with ammonia. The longer the exposure time, the darker they tend to become. The ammonia forces the wood tannins to come to the surface, which gives the desired changes in the colors. The closer these tannins are to the surface of the wood, the darker would be the color of the wood. Smoked oak flooring comes with expansive color variations, which range from hues of red to brown and even shades of black.

In an ideal situation, smoked flooring planks are factory made and are made in specially designed smoking containers. Controlled quantity of ammonia is released into the container where the wood smoking takes place. The changes in the wood color are a result of the exposure to the ammonia and the time the wooden planks were exposed to the gas. The longer the exposure time periods, the darker would be the shades of the wooden planks.

Nevertheless, this flooring variety is an ideal addition to any house hardwood flooring which needs to imbibe a rustic and individual feel. 

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