The Perfect Wallpaper for your Wood Flooring

Complimentary goods are products that add value to each other, Like Bread and butter or Shoes and socks. Similarly, all our precious royal Solid Wood Flooring or Engineered Wood Flooring needs a complimenting Wallpaper to enhance its value.

  • Minimalistic – Simple yet classy is the trend for 2022. You want your home to look the best but effortlessly. With minimalistic geometric wallpapers, you will nail the MINILASTIC trend of 2022.

Such wallpapers allow the beauty of your wood flooring to shine and reflect without diverting a lot of attention.

 Get ready to make an impression all over the UK with Nexus’s royal and timeless Oak Solid Wood Flooring and Oak Engineered Wood Flooring complimented with black or white simple geometric wallpapers

  • ARTSY- if you want to ignite the flames of art and passion in your home, you need color-blocked, bright, abstract printed wallpapers to add art to your warm, classy Wood Flooring from Nexus Flooring in the UK. Such bright color-blocked wallpapers add a modern look to your house with the added luxury of Wood Flooring
  • Rustic yet old school- Nexus Flooring uses Oak as their main timber. Oak is the most versatile timber which can be dyed in a spectrum of colors, ranging from darkest shades of brown to the lightest shade of red. A Rustic brick wallpaper will be the perfect complimentary for an old-school, retro outdoor look for your house. Paired with Nexus Solid Wood Flooring or Engineered Flooring, your house will be the perfect example of class with luxury 

With the combination of the perfect wallpaper with Nexus solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring, you will receive the best out of the best for your house. Your house deserves all the love and cares you always strived for. We at NexusFlooring want you to get the house of your dreams.

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