Tips to maintain wooden flooring during winters

Wooden Flooring is a one-time investment that will glorify your house and add a chutzpah factor to your home. It’s like fine wine, it improves with ages and is there to be appreciated for ages to come. Even with its abundant benefits of aesthetics, warmth, and durability, when it comes to wooden flooring a question always pop-up-

“How to manage the shrinkage of Hardwood during winters?”

Let’s explore some ways to manage this problem like a champ with NexusFlooring

Winter is the coldest time in the UK with temperatures often dropping below freezing accompanied by frequent rainfall. 

Hardwood flooring uses natural timber that is affected by a change in temperatures and seasons.

During dry winters the hardwood timber loses moisture and thus contracts. While in wet winters accompanied by rainfall, the water can seep into the hardwood causing increased absorption of moisture resulting in expansion of timber. This contraction and expansion can ruin your main timber and can cause gaps and separation. 

Prevention is better than cure, taking care of your hardwood flooring with some simple little steps can prevent a lot of misery and hardship

  • COMBINATION FLOORING- What can add more to the moisture of the winter is moisture-prone rooms like the kitchen and bathroom with continuous use of water. So Nexusflooring suggests – COMBINATION FLOORING with Engineered Wood Flooring in the bathrooms and kitchens and hardwood flooring in the heart of your house. Engineered Wood Flooring is made up of several layers of timber than just one main central timber thus can be easily sanded down and maintained. This can be the first step to prevent contraction and expansion of your flooring
  • OAK AS THE TIMBER- Oak is said to be the best timber out there, which is a proper water resister and the most flexible timber. This is of top-notch quality and the strongest hard timber out there. We at NexusFlooring use the best quality of Oak timber in all of the UK, tackling the hardship of winters
  • Ventilation to Tackle Winter Dryness- By reducing the amount of ventilation one cant dry out the air inside their house, preventing excessive dryness in winters. Thus by following this one simple step of drought-proofing one can tackle winter dryness
  • Rugs, Rugs, and More Rugs- Quality Rugs is a complimentary investment for your hardwood flooring, it is like how bread and butter go together, rugs and hardwood flooring go together. This can be one easy step to absorb the excess moisture and not let it penetrate onto your hardwood floors
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning- Things last when they are taken care of, similarly with some easy periodic maintenance you can also manage your hardwood flooring. But don’t be worried NexusFLooring provides the best service available in all of the Uk and will guide you throughout the entire process from – Installation of Hardwood flooring to its maintenance.

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