Things to know before choosing a flooring material for bathroom

Flooring can have a big impact on what impression people get when they walk into your bathroom. You can actually add the most value to your bathroom by paying some extra attention to the flooring you choose. Here are the things to know before choosing a flooring material for the bathroom:

  •  Durability: The bathroom is one space that gets exposed to water the maximum. So the choice of flooring must be considered keeping in mind this very important factor. Flooring that is highly resistant to wear and tear must be the first choice. If choosing Solid Oak flooring or Engineered Oak Flooring, a protective layer must be added to minimise scratches, stains and dents. Harder woods often last longer, sometimes 50 years or more with proper care.
  • Vulnerable to Heat and Moisture: Solid Oak flooring and Engineered Oak flooring is quite vulnerable to heat and moisture and hence it may not be the right choice for a bathroom as compared to ceramic, stone, porcelain tiles, cork, etc. Porcelain tiles are the best for bathroom flooring, as it is water-proof, stylish and is fairly cost-effective.
  • Ease of Installation: The ease of installing and removing particular flooring is also considered while choosing to floor for your space. If you are someone who has kids and pets in the house then the flooring that can be easily removed and replaced will be a better option. In such cases, Engineered Oak flooring or Vinyl is the best choice as they are fairly easy to install.
  • Cost: Depending on the budget that you may have set for your space, your flooring decision may vary. For example – Ceramic tiles are more expensive than Vinyl but it comes in an infinite array of shapes, colours and patterns.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Most homeowners prefer bathroom flooring that doesn’t require much maintenance. If low-maintenance is your choice for your new bathroom, then don’t worry you are not going to be limited in your choices. Certain tricks like using tiny black matte tiles in the bathroom can ensure that dust and water spots won’t be a concern. If the stone is your preference for flooring, a multi-colour slate and granite have a mottled surface that can hide dirt and various imperfections.

At Nexus flooring, we help you choose the most suitable flooring for your bathroom or any other space for that matter.

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