Top Flooring Trends in 2021

The remodelling stages consist of many changes, which includes changing the floors, enhancing the furniture, and sprucing up the interiors. From fancy carpeted flooring to solid oak flooring, there are a lot of options to choose from. The remodelling stage needs to be consistent throughout the house, and you need to decide what’s in vogue for 2021. 

As the top trends change, so do the needs of homeowners. When it comes to flooring, you need to make the right choices so that each room has the correct flooring type, which can prove to be sustainable in the long run. 

Stone floors: Stone floors have always stayed on top of the trends, which should not be any different. Like the foyer, kitchen, bathroom, and living areas, high traffic rooms can do well with stone flooring since they are low on maintenance and high on aesthetics. 

Since these floors come in different shapes, sizes and colours, stone flooring can prove to be ideal for homeowners. Given that stone flooring is a natural flooring material, there would be different naturally fused designs, grains and veins, which will award the floors with a rustic look. 

However, stone floors are expensive compared to solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring, but rest assured, stone flooring will always be worth the extra cost. 

Marble: Marble flooring is yet another timeless classic, which has found its way into homeowners’ lives at a steady pace. From different colours to unique designs, there is something for other homeowners out there. 

Italian marble is a preferred option for many people, and it is widely being used in upscale homes and villas. Even though it is straightforward to clean, marble flooring should be kept free from spills and water, as it will tend to lose colour if exposed to standing water for long periods. 

Jaisalmer stone: Jaisalmer stone floorings are a delight for people riding high on sustainability and natural living. This flooring option has rapidly climbed the ranks of natural flooring options available in stunning shades of yellow and has become the newest addition to the flooring community. It’s harder than marble flooring and can be cut and polished as per the floor’s requirements and designs. 

Granite: Leaving marble and Jaisalmer stone behind, granite is also a good flooring option for people who want to be spoilt for choices. Granite flooring is stain proof, moisture resistant and doesn’t get chipped or scratched easily. 

Granite comes in a series of colours, and the price tends to vary as per the colours. Black and grey granite are the cheapest options, while green, red and white prove to be some of the most expensive options. 


These days, homeowners are looking for different flooring options for their homes. As newer options emerge, there are sturdier, better options available in the market, which can prove to be an excellent addition to your home’s interiors. 

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