Top 5 Ideas To Take Your Flooring Indoors to Outdoors

Bring the outside in, as they say! The tranquility of nature, the freshness of breezy summer air and the relaxing natural surroundings can do wonders for you. The more you crave for the outdoors, the more you feel like imbibing it inside your house. The question is, why crave for the outdoors, when you can bring the outdoors inside your house, all by choosing an appropriate flooring option?

So how does one replicate the outdoors inside the house, without going overboard? This might seem to be a little tough, given the fact that the décor has to be kept in sync with the interiors.

Read on to get inspired by some ideas which you too can use in your house and bring the outdoor designs within the four walls of your house.

  • Use outdoor flooring material inside: In an ideal situation, people can use varied combinations of flagstones, which would normally be used in patios. If you are using flagstones, it’s advisable to use a sealant, since flagstones are porous. The sealant helps protect the stone from the harshness of nature’s elements while avoiding any kinds of stains and other damaging factors.

  • Let go of the boundary lines: A kitchen in one tone will set the mood for some great kitchen tricks. Use a combination of solid teak flooring, or limestone tiles, which can further be coupled with slate tiles and wood effect panels. Play around with the combinations to bring out the best in your floors.

  • Grain holds the key: Ideally, not every wood type will work inside as well as outside. Indoor wood consists of oak, pine, and ash, which when used outdoors might not prove to be a very good option in the long run. However, if you are the type who wants to use natural wood inside and outside, then you can try the likes of weathered teak or silvery pine, all of which need to be cut in thick width planks.

  • Go for the wooden look: Real wood has a charm of its own. For this very reason, there are a lot of options in the market which reflect the wooden look. Use a combination of porcelain tiles which are available in wooden designs, or even wood veneer panels, each of which come well equipped with a Bakelite core. There are a series of colors available in this variety, which can give you the color of your choice.

  • Simplicity can be another option: Remember you want to keep it simple in the long run. How often do you see a lot of snazzy colors being used on the patio? Very rarely, right? For this very reason, if you are trying to imitate the outdoor décor in your interiors, you have to be very choosy on the combinations you implement in the long run. The more subtle the colors, the better your indoors will reflect the true essence of the outdoors.

Color is one of the best options when it comes to choosing the Wooden Planks and decking up your indoors. The idea is to play around with the different options while making sure there is not too much stress on the material. The ideal way is to experiment with the flooring options and take it on from there.  


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