A solid wood flooring is the eldest form of wood flooring. Solid wood flooring has been used in houses in UK for many centuries. They are most primary choice of wood flooring among house buyers in the UK. You can find many variants of this popular wood flooring installed in many houses in the UK. In this article I would like to educate masses about what is solid wood flooring and what are types of solid wood flooring.

First up I would like to explain what is solid wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring is made up of timber that are shaped in planks of various size so that they can be used inside houses as floorings. Solid wood flooring is generally manufactured by shaping a raw timber wood piece into planks and then they are sand to remove roughness and then they are polished to gain the desired color and texture. Each variety of timber is polished with different agents to achieve good texture.

Solid wood Flooring comes in Hand scrapped, Oiled and Lacquered Finishes that adds charm to its beauty. Hands crapped finish is achieved by scraping the wood floors by hands using a floor distressing tool, oiled finish is achieved by applying a special oil on the wood flooring and lacquered finish is achieved by applying a varnish on to the wood flooring.

Now speaking of types of Solid wood flooring

In the market you can find mainly three types of Solid Wood Flooring, each has its distinct style and features. Let have a look at the type of solid wood flooring.

All the wood floorings are made from solid wood but what makes the different is that they are made into different forms by a machine.

Three types of Solid Wood Flooring are as follows:

·         Tongue and Grooved – Tongue and Grooved flooring are made when a machine forms a tongue and groove interlock within the wood flooring so that it could be easily installed. In this type of flooring, the Tongue-block is carved into T-shaped edge, which is fed into the Groove-block, whose depth has to be properly matched to the thickness of the T-shaped edge.

·         Square edge –  Square edge do not have tongue and groove mechanism, they are made in classic square shapes and are fitted individually on the floors. They are available in wider width and thickness. It is the original and first form of wood flooring used in houses and commercial spaces.

·         Parquet Floors – these types of flooring have small blocks of wood fitted in such a way that it forms a decorative pattern. The parquet wood flooring either comes in groove and tongue pattern or it could be in the form of panels that are made by mesh or paper backing.


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