Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring – The Perfect Solution for a Realistic Wood Look

Most residential and commercial property owners love wooden flooring. Nonetheless, the initial cost and the subsequent maintenance drive a majority of them towards a more affordable alternative. This is where vinyl flooring steps in. It is not only easy on the pocket but also reflects the same charm of natural wood. In fact, this 100% engineered material is made to perfection in terms of grain/pattern consistency.

The Inside Story –

Luxury vinyl flooring is a compressed material of four different layers, each with a specific function –

  1. The Backing Layer – It resides at the bottom, along the raw floor, providing linear stability.
  2. The Core Layer – It gives vinyl flooring the required strength and sustainability.
  3. The Print Layer – The print layer is what offers vinyl-based flooring that adorable, enchanting wooden appearance.
  4. The Wear Layer – It is the topmost layer providing protection and transparency.

Popular Wood Options –

Luxury vinyl floor plank is available in assorted wood options and textures. This includes natural, Classic, and Golden Oak, Maple, or Hickory. Some of the exotic options include African Walnut, Congo Wood, and Acacia. However, due to their inherent complex structural composition, the last three options are difficult to transform into planks/tiles. Even the installation cost of these exotic wood floorings is exorbitant. Synthetic vinyl flooring that reflects a similar appearance costs a fraction and at the same time, it can be installed as a DIY project.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles – Dark, Light or Washed

Each section of a residential/commercial property demands a distinct shade/finish. Of course, the choice will also depend on the rest of the furniture, fittings, and color schemes. Even so, it is believed that darker shades are mostly reserved for large areas and bathrooms. 

Dark Shade – 

Dark textured luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for large sections such as living rooms, patios, commercial halls, and galleries. It offers a warm, natural ambiance that only genuine wood is capable of. Moreover, these areas experience heavy foot traffic and are quite often exposed to natural elements.

Light Shade –

If you are a fan of minimalistic design or want to deck up a small space, then opt for luxury vinyl tiles that are lighter in shade. This includes small bedrooms, balconies, passageways, and partitioned office cubicles. It offers these spaces the required largeness by reflecting natural and artificial light. Lighter shade vinyl-based flooring provides that elusive elegance, that subtle touch of class.

Washed or Grey –

The washed finish is typically exploited in bathrooms while grey hues are perfect for bedrooms or private areas such as studies, in-house art galleries, cabanas, or a studio. In case you are planning to experiment with several wooden textures around single flooring then avoid washed / grey finish. 

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring or Vinyl Tile Flooring –

The choice once again depends on the place of installation and of course on the creative mood of the property owner. As a rule of thumb, a plank is the preferred choice when it comes to living rooms, patios, large open sections, etc. On the other hand, tiles make perfect sense when installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, and smaller areas. As a home/commercial property owner you must understand that natural wooden flooring has always been synonymous with planks and therefore if you looking to replicate the ambience then plank is your best bet.

Conclusion –
Simple vinyl sheet flooring is the last choice of homeowners / commercial property designers. Today, most folks tend to opt for luxury vinyl tile flooring or the plank subset due to the amazing range of wood types, textures, and finishes. Affordability is also one of the compelling reasons. Some of the other reasons why it is fast replacing traditional wooden flooring include water, heat, and scratch-resistant properties.