Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring – A Practical and Durable Solution for Wet Areas

Introduced in 1933 at one of the prestigious international expositions, vinyl flooring has evolved dramatically since then. Back then, they were only laid out in the form of long sheets, and available in limited earthy, semi-modern, and wooden textures. Today, it is available in dozens of textures and finishes. Nonetheless, what has attracted interior designers, homeowners, and commercial property owners are its radical new form factors and installation methods.

Interesting Fact I – The unmatched resilience of Vinyl quickly became the choice of the masses. It replaced linoleum and stone flooring in a short span of time.

A Practical and Durable Solution for Wet Areas –

Waterproof vinyl sheet is perfect for patio and areas which are constantly exposed to wet conditions. For households with kids and elderly folks, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens, vinyl-based flooring is a logical choice.

Vinyl Flooring Form Factors –

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in plank and tile formats. While the former replicates hardwood and is mostly preferred by end-users who love natural wood but are short on budget, the latter is mostly reserved for certain sections of residential and commercial properties. Vinyl-based tiles have traditional charm, and at the same time loaded with amazing features.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring – DIY or Professional Approach

The decision depends on several factors—Are you a person who is not averse to dirty his/her hands? Are you a creative individual? If your answer is yes then go ahead and install the flooring yourself. A word of caution here: the traditional waterproof vinyl flooring sheets still demand professional help because of the large dimensions, use of industrial glue, and underlayment. However, luxury vinyl floor plank and its tile sibling are comparatively easy to work with. We will talk about this in the next section.

Interesting Fact II – Luxury vinyl flooring is designed as a compressed stack of several layers. One of the core sections, that offers rigidity and dimensional stability is made from SPC or stone-polymer composite or WPC, also known as wood-plastic composite.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring & Plank Flooring – Installation Methods

This typically depends on the type of flooring selected.

Floating vinyl planks are quick to install and non-messy. Its tongue and groove system makes installation a hassle-free task. These planks are wedded by clicking them together. Incidentally, many property owners still exploit adhesive to make the installation “permanent” in nature. On the other hand, glue-down plank flooring demands the use of commercial adhesives. The same approach applies to luxury vinyl tiles.

Whatever method you choose, make sure that the underlying surface or the floor is free from holes/depressions, fine particles ( gravel ) and levelled to perfection. Any residual dirt will manifest above and ruins the charm of vinyl flooring.

Types of Underlayment –

Luxury vinyl flooring tiles are best suited for even floors or those which are levelled to perfection before installation. However, in many cases underlayment becomes essential. The most popular options for vinyl plank and tiles are foam and cork. Over a period of time, these materials tend to lose their rigidity/elasticity. This can create gaps/crevices, allowing the water to seep inside. 

In such a scenario, it is advisable to reinstall the support layer. If the leak is at the top then make sure that the concerned plank/tile is quickly replaced. Yet another popular underlayment material is cork. Your choice will depend on the budget, the condition of the raw floor, and the type of vinyl flooring being installed. Underlayment offers a nice, cushioning effect which makes walking on vinyl planked top a gratifying experience.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring – Conclusion
Whether you choose LVT as an upgrade or as a new installation, in the long run, it turns out to be a smart investment. The photo-realistic wood, stone, and earthly ( graphics ) textures provide the same sense of elation that natural hardwood planks offer. It also provides unmatched resistance against wet conditions. The aesthetics of vinyl plank flooring is simply unbeatable in terms of cost, variations and endurance. That it adds value to the property is one of the collateral benefits.