Why can?t I just install hardwood floors myself?

Installing hardwood flooring might seem like every DIY enthusiast’s dream project. But the fact of the
matter is that it should not be attempted on your own. Simply put, the installation job is not about
stapling boards together to each other. The installation process is much more complicated than it
So before you end up searching for videos on Youtube, here are a few things you should keep in mind for
installation of hardwood floorings.
Why should you not install hardwood floorings on your own?
1) Mistakes can prove to be a costly affair:
Unlike some of the other DIY projects, replacing hardwood flooring’s raw materials might not be as easy
as it appears. Painting a wall, replacing your kitchen cabinets or even doing any other handiwork around
the house is not even closely related to the effort involved in the installation of hardwood flooring.
Raw materials for hardwood flooring installation are costly and replacing them in case of any installation
mistakes might prove to be an expensive affair. Replacing hardwood boards is not easy on the pocket,
and can prove to be a mistake you would not want to repeat in the short run or even in the long run.
2) Special tools are needed for installation:
Installation experts have the right tools needed during the installation process. When you are involved
in a DIY project, chances are you might not have the right tools required to get the job done. Since many
power and hand tools are needed for the right installation, it is recommended to leave the job to the
experts, rather than doing it yourself. Just to give you an idea, here is a list of the tools which might be
needed to complete the installation of your solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring:
1) Different types of saws
2) Hygrometers for moisture testing
3) Glues and adhesives
4) Floor levelling tools
5) Air compressors
6) Sanders
7) Staplers
8) Nail guns
9) Buffers
10) Adhesive removers
11) Knee pads
While this might not be a comprehensive list, it highlights some of the basic tools which are needed for
getting the job done.
3) Leave it to the experts
So the fact of the matter is that everyone does not have the required knowledge to get the job done.
When it comes to installation experts, they have years of experience under their belts, which makes it
easier for them to install hardwood flooring. But when you have to go about the installation on your
own, chances are your knowledge might fall short, and you might end up committing some unwanted
blunders. Solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring have different methods of installation, which
might not be your cup of tea. No matter how many Youtube videos you might refer to, chances are it
would be difficult to get the job done on your own.
4) Money is not saved by doing it yourself
If money saving is on your mind, then you can rest assured you won’t make heavy savings by installing
the flooring on your own. If the installation goes south, or you end up committing some mistakes, you
might end up spending more than you had bargained for. If you truly want to save money, then you
should call in the experts from Nexus Flooring, and let them install your solid oak flooring and
engineered oak flooring for best results.

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