Wood Flooring Versus Ceramic Tiles

It is grand feeling when you own a house. But an equally important aspect is its interior design because you not only crave for a beautiful house but also an efficient one! The basic thing to decide is the flooring. Do you go with the conventional wood flooring or the modernized ceramics?
Wood flooring are usually of two types, solid flooring and engineered flooring. Wood is great insulator and enables minimum heat transfer and thereby provides an energy efficient system. Despite of being sensitive to moisture and humidity, these floors can be refined and renewed with ease. In cases of temperature fluctuation, these floors tend to undergo slight deformations. 
But this can be corrected with the help of a ply base. All these corrections and renewal techniques are feasible and economical because in return these floors do help you to cut down a 20% in your heating bills. Some of the advantages of wood floors are:
o Wood is a renewal resource.
o It is not brittle as ceramic tiles.
o It provides a good vintage look.
o Helps you cut down on your bills as it is energy efficient.
Despite of all these advantages, people refrain from using them because of their regular “check-
• Wood floors are not suitable for wet areas, especially bathrooms.
• Woodplanks get discolored with time.
But with modernization, people tend to go for more modernized ceramic flooring. Ceramic tiles are made up of clay and other natural products. They offer unlimited decorating possibilities and a variety of designs are available which will make your house glow and an attractive place to be at. It requires a cement mixture over a concrete slab during its installation. They have a lot of pros in their way,
o Long durability.
o Easy maintenance: they are glassy and smooth and a wipe with the mob is all that it takes!
o It is water resistant.
o It does not catch fire. Wood floor on the other hand are fire sensitive.
o They are beautiful, versatile and have an aesthetic value.
o Eco friendly as they are made up of natural substances.
However, you should consider these before you draw a conclusion,
• It is not as energy efficient as wood floor. 
• They are brittle.
• Once broken, these cannot be reused again.
Both the wood and ceramics have their own pros and cons as far as upkeep and installation and offer homeowners a long-lasting beautiful floor.

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