Wooden flooring European market in 2018

European traditions have long become a trend which is followed through the ages. Why should the wooden trends be any different than these? The tradition of artistic wooden flooring has continued through the ages, as the flooring trends become busier by the day. Even though the wooden market is relatively small, nevertheless, there is a lot happening in the modern wood flooring market. While Europe is a monolithic market, especially with respect to the wooden flooring, there is a lot to explore.

European flooring market trends:

Different countries have different trends, which changes as one goes from continent to continent. The European market is focused on the price of the product, which is as per fixed-length flooring. It comes in different lengths and can be arranged in linear patterns as well as in parquetry?

  • Another distinct feature is the moisture content, which is usually fixed at 9 to 10 percent. Some manufacturers use aluminium oxide along with the ceramic type of finishing, which has become an important part of the wooden market in late 2017 and shall continue in the year 2018 as well.?
  • The European market is dominated by prefinished and engineered products, as compared to the North American counterparts. As per estimates, there are about 90% prefinished products ruling the market currently.
  • Sand and finish solid strip flooring has taken precedence over every other type of flooring in Southern Europe. Its dominance has to lead to an increase in the demand for this product all over Europe, making it an instant hit with homeowners.
  • Environment plays an integral role in how the different flooring options are shaping up in the European continent. The natives of the continent are supposed to be very environmentally conscious, which means that there is a limited supply of hardwood in Europe, which further fixes into the environment-friendly regime.
  • Engineered wood is an all-time it is environment-friendly, can be fixed easily and is easy to install. It helps fuel Europe’s production oriented approach.
  • Floor installation is a different ball game in Europe. Floor installation in Europe includes a lot of shimming; this means that the floor system needs to be before the installation.
  • When it comes to finishing, most European countries are familiar with the concept of rolling and finishing only. In some parts, a trowel is used; it is used for finishing, as well as for applying coats of finish. By using a crosswise application method, one can create a smooth surface, with a thin coat of finish. This helps cut the pops of the grain.
  • Wax is yet another finishing product, which is used extensively all over Europe. Along with wax, a lot of manufacturers also use waterbed finishes, which you will see in about 70% hardwood floors. Waterbed finishes go back to the 1970s, which make them a tradition trend, which is returning the modern world of flooring in a rapid manner. An effective tool to make wooden floors look elegant and decorative at the same time.

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