3 Tips and Tricks to design your home as you dreamt of

We add up various features in our homes to make our area more sophisticated and stylish. Sometimes you fill up with a lot of things in smaller part of the room making it more congested which make you lose the vibrant and spacious appearance of the place. The colors used in the walls or flooring may not bring that pleasure look to the eyes. To involve the more dazzling look into your house, you just need to take care of the proper smart placement of whatever items and furnitures you own, also adding colors which replicate with the essence of the surroundings. It will be boosting your confidence while witnessing your home beautifully decorated as you wanted it to be. Also, your neighbors will surely take your advice while they renovate the house in the next turn. Ha! Ha! Let’s see. Now, this was the idea shared on how you can give a makeover to your house with the old items re-shifting or changing the dull colors from the background. What if, you are interested to add few more movables or fixtures in the house or add a completely new process to the flooring.

Here are 3 tips on how smoothly you can give your home a nicer look and tricks are how smartly you apply these tips.

1.Adding Wooden Flooring: If your flooring is not according to the texture of the house. You can opt for the Engineered oak Wooden Flooring from Nexus Flooring to enhance the beauty of your house giving it a royal feel. There are so many varieties available in them, you can search and apply what best suits the texture and furniture of your residence. If you prefer to go further with the natural and classic look, then go for Solid Oak Wooden Flooring which will give much of rough and old feel to the house.

2. Mixing of Colors: You should not add the combination of only one radiant color. Mixing light and dark colors jointly, definitely enhances the attractiveness of the house. Like going for light color walls with the dark wooden floors can definitely be a better option. You only have to choose the perfect combination of colors matching together. Your place will explain the rest of the story.

3. Using lightweight furniture: Heavy furniture does take a lot of space and also disturbs the gracefulness of the house. There should be a proper balance of furniture with lightweight and colors used in the space, making a place more spacious and eloquent in living.


Thus, it requires fewer efforts and more of creativity to make a house your dream home. Putting more concentration on effectively using the ideas will surely provide the best results.


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