3 Golden Rules for Upgrading to Hardwood Flooring

Upgrading to hardwood flooring is probably the best investment for any homeowner. But, buying the hardwood flooring is just the initial step of your journey towards a better flooring future. Even though buying the material is of utmost importance, getting the right installation for your flooring is the second most important investment you can make towards a sustainable flooring option.

For installation of solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring, you have to follow these 3 golden rules, before upgrading your house with hardwood flooring. If you follow these steps like a pro, rest assured, you would be happy for the rest of your life (at least with respect to flooring).

  1. Wait it out: When you go to buy hardwood flooring, you might have all the money in your pocket, ready to invest in a good flooring option. However, you also need to pay for a good installation, so that your investment in hardwood flooring will last you for many years to come. Since hardwood flooring needs to acclimatize to the weather conditions in your home, it’s advisable to let the wooden planks rest for a few days in your house, before they are installed. If new floorboards are installed without letting them sit for a while, chances are the moisture content would make them expand post-installation and you might have to spend money again on flooring repairs.
  2. Trust the science behind it: Installation experts know it all; for this very reason, you should trust the experts and let them check all possible situations prior to installation. However, how can you gauge the moisture content in your wooden flooring boards? While the word of an expert might work in this regard, you need to be sure yourself. Ask the experts if they have used a wood flooring moisture meter; feel free to ask for proof, if you are not satisfied. The drier the wood, the better it would last in your house.
  3. Don’t accept shortcuts: Sometimes, given the paucity of time, installers might take shortcuts and install the wooden floors quickly. During installation, the ideal situation is to have your floors secured every 3-6 inches, so that they can bear the foot traffic and the tension. However, if an appropriate distancing is not maintained, your well-placed floorboards will eventually give way to creaky floorboards, making them sound old and awful after a few years. Simply put, don’t accept shortcuts.

The three golden rules of home flooring are simple, straightforward and totally worth the time. You must keep these three golden rules in mind, to ensure you aren’t fooled by the flooring sellers.

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