Try Cork, If You are Looking for an Effective Underlay Option for Your Flooring

Remodelling your house looks and feels good, only till the time all the options are taken care of. Ask any homeowner about remodelling and chances are you won’t come across anyone who has it all sorted out. When it comes to flooring, a homeowner needs to look at their budgets along with looks, comfort and durability of the flooring.

An important part of home flooring and remodelling is the underlay, which is more than just the material you place underneath your main flooring. The underlay forms a part of the solid formation, which can determine the flooring type and its performance over the years. If you are planning on installing an underlay, you would find cork to be an extremely good option for your house.

Cork, as an underlay material, is not only a durable option, but it also offers high performance and comfort. Additionally, it can absorb impact, which proves to be one of the best features of a cork underlay. It can be combined with recycled EVA, rubber and other composite options, making it a great option for your flooring. Couple this up with some durable options like ceramic, laminate flooring, along with solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring.

Here are some advantages of using cork flooring as an underlay option for your solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring.

  1. Easy to install: The prime most advantage of a good underlay is the ease of installation amongst other things. Cork, as one would like it, is every DIY enthusiast’s dream flooring option. It’s lightweight, durable and can be installed with ease.
  2. Bid adieu to flooring imperfections: Who doesn’t want a perfect flooring? If your underlay is good, you can bid adieu to imperfections, labour charges as well as the recurring need for repairs and patches.
  3. Water and humidity – no problem: Cork blend is dimensionally stable, and it does not expand or contract with water and high humidity conditions. Subsequently, is maintains thermal resistance, which makes it a good option for use as an underlay. An ideal option for homeowners who want good performance and durable flooring for years and years to come.

Cracks are history: Cork and cork blend flooring preserve the uniformity of the surface flooring, offering a permanent and effective join. While cracks might be history with cork flooring, you can rest assured there would be no dents or deformities to worry about in the near future.

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