5 Pet-Friendly Flooring Options for Your Home

Owning a pet is one of the biggest joys in one’s life. Whether you are a cat person or a dog lover, your little friend makes your home and your family members stay cheerful and happy. However, with pets, you have to pay extra concern towards your home flooring. Whether you are renovating your house or you are building a new one, deciding what floor to select is critical.

As pets grow up, they are prone to scratch or strain the floor and even bring dirty paws. Let us take a look at some of the best hardwood flooring options by weighing the positives and negatives of a different kind.

1.    Hardwood Flooring

Though hardwood flooring is not the safest choice for your furry friends, if you already have hardwood, ensure that you pick solid wood planks such as oak, mahogany, or walnut. Avoid softwood planks for your floors. Fir, Pine, and chestnut are a complete no-no. Remember, the harder the flooring is, the more ideal it is to prevent scratches. Last but not the least, ask the floor manufacturer to give you material which are urethane-coated.

2.    Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring, especially oak, are another great choice for home flooring for pet owners. Though there are several manufacturers offering engineered wood flooring, there are a few which offer the best quality line of products at the cheapest possible deals. You can also order a free sample from some of these brands from an engineered wood flooring store in London to test the product before you decide on it.

3.    Bamboo Flooring

The best flooring option anywhere in the world if you have pets is to go for bamboo. The natural robustness of bamboo flooring makes it more stain and scratch resistant than any other hardwood option. Bamboos are also eco-friendly, in case you are concerned about keeping your surroundings natural and environmental.

4.    Parquet Flooring

A great choice and also one of the most convenient to install, parquet flooring is a favorable choice for a majority of pet owners. This kind of flooring is also available in different varieties which are why home owners don’t need to compromise on their style or their budget.

5.    Floor with the Comfort Cover for Your Pet

Irrespective of the kind of flooring you pick for your home, carpeting it ensures that your pets get a comfy landing when they are in their play-mode. Also, while choosing to use carpeted floors, pick one without loops so your pet’s nails don’t snag on the loops. Additionally, pick carpet with a great cushion system resists strain, releases pet hair, and reduces odor.

Once you have decided on the kind of flooring you wish for your home, you also need to ensure that you take care of it properly so they last for long. For that, it is important that you follow some basic steps such as keeping your pet’s nails clipped, keep their food and water bowls in a separate corner and on a mat to avoid spillage, and train your pet to play in a designated area so they don’t scratch all over the house.

Take a cue from the guide and build a loving home for you and your pets to live in comfortably and happily.

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