Choosing Hardwood Flooring for Children

As a perfect alternative to the traditional carpet, hardwood floors can create a sense of warmth in any home.

When choosing a wooden floor for your kids, you have to remember that children can be really messy at times. Stains, spills and scratches are something you will have to live with. Getting stains out of a carpet can prove to be a daunting task, which can add a lot of stress to a stay at home parent’s schedule. 

There are floors that contain designer solid wood planks, which are specifically designed to handle different spills or stains. That is why most parents opt for hardwood flooring for children’s rooms instead of any other fancy flooring options.

What to consider before purchasing a hardwood floor?

There are many different types of hardwood floors that are perfectly tailored for your kid’s rooms or the living spaces they dwell in during the day.

Even though, hardwood floors are a good option for a household’s interiors. However, even these floors have a few negative factors. They are prone to scratches and dents over time, which is a side effect of any type of hardwood flooring. It is important to choose hardwood floors that can be sanded, as well as refinished, when required. This way, one can add to the flooring’s overall sustainability.

There are many retail outlets to buy hardwood floors from. There are even engineered wood flooring sales in London, which will help you find the right floor and at a reasonable price too.

The best hardwood flooring options for your children

Oak and Hickory Hardwood

Oak and hickory are considered as the best types of hardwoods for small kids, simply because they have stronger graining features, which can hide scratches and dents well. The best type of oak variety is red or white oak; it is also a better option for those who are a refurbishing on a tight shoe string budget.

These types are better for your home as floors tend to get dirty fast, regardless whether you have kids or not. Hickory is also another great choice, since washing floors regularly can be a little tedious.

Hardwood floors containing high levels of polyurethane

When purchasing a hardwood floor, you should opt for a floor variety that contains a few coats of polyurethane, which will allow for it to last longer and be more durable eventually. As a practice, you should purchase a floor with minimum three coats on it.

Matte and satin finished floors

Matte and satin finished floors are generally the best options for a household filled with kids. These floors are less likely to get scratched and also don’t stand out when they are dirty. This simply means you won’t have to worry about cleaning these floors on a regular basis. They also add a nice sense of charm to your home.

Harder Hardwood Floors

Harder hardwood will last longer than less dense hardwood. Such hardwood consists of Brazilian hardwood floors. There are many shades to choose from, with the most popular being Brazilian Teak, Cherry or Walnut.

Maple is a great choice for children’s rooms or any other room in your house, as kids tend to play everywhere. This type of floor is an expensive option but is definitely worth purchasing, given its sustainability period.

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