Best floors for increasing home resale value

Wooden flooring can take a beating with the daily wear and tear. When you have resale on your mind, your hardwood floors are the first thing people will notice. But what if your floors are not up to the mark? Definitely, you're worn out floorings will take a beating, and cause the returns on your house to come down drastically. So when it comes to selling your house on the market, which is the best flooring option to increase the resale value of your house?

Let’s check out some of the flooring types, to understand what floors you can invest in during the remodeling stage.

Solid oak flooring versus engineered oak flooring

No matter the type of hardwood flooring, it will always have an unmatched appeal when it comes to house resale. On the other hand, one can also not deny the fact that hardwood flooring is costly, needs a lot of maintenance and can be damaged easily. However, that does not deter home owners from installing it within their houses.

When one looks at its advantages, it’s easy to understand that it is durable, which means it lasts for 8 to 10 years, and can be refinished to showcase the best quality. If you are planning to buy wooden flooring, it’s best to go for the wide plank, as it continues to rule the roost in the flooring market. If the wooden shades are worrying you, then you need to choose some of the lighter shades, some of which should be trending towards blonde or even grey hues.

Hard floor surfaces are not limited to hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring, like solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring, might have their own appeal, but it does not mean that the flooring types are restricted to that. Stone, tile and even stained concrete are appealing in a house, which can help make your house all the more lucrative to buyers. All these materials have a natural charm, and are often used as flooring options in high end homes.

Tiles are a good option too

Tiles, may it be natural stone, or even porcelain, is a good to have an option for your house interiors. Large sized tiles, such as 20”x20” or even larger ones are preferred by home owners. Tiles are given preference, since they are easier to clean, maintain, and have lesser grout lines between them. An ideal combination, when it comes to choosing flooring options. There are wood alike tiles also available in the market; while these might not be the real deal, they are definitely good for giving your house a look and feel of hardwood flooring.

Concrete is not that bad

Everyone has a set budget which they want to keep intact, especially if you’re shopping for flooring. If you are on a slightly tight budget, and want to avoid any high maintenance flooring, then concrete flooring is ideal for you. This flooring type is durable, low maintenance and can be easily made resistant to spills, and other household problems.

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