Cost Efficient Flooring Options

When it comes to replacing wooden flooring in your house, there are a lot of things which need to be considered before going for the final plunge. This would mean that you need to consider the cost, the benefits, the durability and the flexibility of the flooring options, before narrowing down on only one option.

By keeping all the options in mind, here’s a list of the most cost efficient solid wood flooring options which you can consider for your house flooring.

1.       Bamboo

Bamboo is an environment friendly resource, which serves well as a cheap flooring option. Since it is a greener, renewable option to hardwood, it offers a good deal for flooring. It offers a great resale value, is easy to clean and can be cleaned by vacuuming.

2.       Tiles:

These days, a lot of people are giving tiles a serious consideration. Tiles are a durable and resistant flooring option; they are water resistant, and are available in a series of sizes. Staining is not much of a concern with tiles and they can prove to be a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

3.       Laminate:

Like tile, laminated wood does not scratch easily, making it another hit with the masses. If in case it does get scratched, you can rub some vegetable oil to remove the scratches. Another benefit of using laminated flooring is that it looks like real wood and is available in different varieties, which makes it a very good option for different interiors settings. People with pets should definitely use laminated flooring, since these floorings can’t be scratched easily.

4.       Carpet:

No matter what kind of a flooring option you choose, carpet can overlook and make it better any day. An ideal location for carpeted flooring would be in areas with low footfall. Try using it in bedrooms, to ensure maximum life out of the carpeted flooring. On the plus side, carpeted flooring is less noisy; on the other hand, it can be stained easily, which makes it a little less preferred flooring option.

5.       Vinyl:

If you are really looking for an inexpensive option, then vinyl is the answer for all your flooring needs. Like carpeted flooring, even vinyl is very less noisy and easy on the feet. It can prove to be a great flooring option for your laundry room, bathrooms and kitchens. However, vinyl tears and dents easily, which make it an unstable option for long time use.

6.       Cork:

Cork flooring proves to be a good insulator, especially for areas with extreme weather conditions. It is warm, absorbs sound and soft at the same time. Being a natural material, it’s an environment-friendly flooring option; at the same time, it is resistant to mold and is antimicrobial. It goes well with bedrooms, given its soft nature.

7.       Rubber

Rubber can be a very attractive option, especially when it is used as a flooring option. It is easy to care for, extremely durable and works well as flooring underfoot option. Rubber is ideal for almost all types of areas, which makes it a preferred option for one and all.

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