Easiest Wooden Flooring to Install Yourself

When it comes to flooring, there are a lot of DIY enthusiasts, who want to get down and dirty with the installation. The benefit of doing it yourself is that it allows you to save money on installation costs, as well as help you finish the job without any unseen delays. Both ways, it becomes a win-win situation for you. Add tons of experience to this list of advantages and you will have a sure shot winner on your hands.

Since we are talking about DIY flooring, let’s take a quick peek into the list of the easiest wooden floorings which you can install yourself, without too many hassles.

·         Engineered Wood Planks: Engineered wood is one of the best options, especially when you crave for a natural wooden look, without the extra issues of sanding and finishing. Engineered wood flooring comes in wide prefinished planks that just fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The 5 to 8 inch plans usually just fit together with each other and post installation, float over a thin layer of rubber underlayment.

·         Floating Vinyl Sheet: People consider vinyl flooring, given its resilient nature and long lasting durability. It’s an affordable option which is tailor made for kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. The vinyl sheets are thick and durable, as compared to standard vinyl sheets. Imagine yourself walking on a cushiony floor, without having to worry about getting scraped on a hard wooden floor surface. The installation is rather easy; you don’t need any glue or staples. Vinyl is available in 12 foot rolls, which allows you to cover all types of large surface areas.

·         Laminate Flooring: Like engineered flooring, even laminated flooring comes with ready to install tongues and grooves. The planks just snap together, to give you the best possible flooring. The advantage of using laminate flooring is that they are available in different widths, colors and textures, which make it one of the most preferred options in the market. The top most layer of laminated flooring is made up of plastic laminate, which gives it a shiny veneer. Since this type of wooden flooring is resistant to scratches, spillages, fading and daily wear and tear, it has become a consistent DIY wooden flooring option for a lot of people.

·         Carpet Squares: If you are a novice, it’s best to not venture out and try doing wall to wall carpeting on your own. However, for beginners and DIY experts, carpet squares can prove to be really handy during installation phases. The individual squares measure around 20 inches and are installed with one sided adhesive dots. These dots stick each carpet piece to each other and not to the floor. Carpet squares are available in a series of designs and colors, which make it a trendy option to consider for flooring installations.

·         Cork planks: Cork is durable, environment friendly and definitely one of the most preferred flooring options for people these days. Cork wood is available in tiles and planks; depending on your preferences, you can choose either option. Like its counterparts, even cork flooring can just be snapped together, making the installation super quick. An ideal DIY project for budding enthusiasts.

These are the best possible flooring options for people who want to get into some quirky DIY projects. Which flooring option are you choosing today?

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