Luxury Flooring Ideas for Home

Thinking of redoing your floors to make them look perfect? Wanting to add a luxurious touch to your existing interiors? If money is not a constraint, then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of engineered oak flooring options you can try; if inspiration and luxury is what you crave for, these options are definitely going to make you want more.

Natural Stone: Early man relied heavily on stone for meeting all his needs. The grandeur and the naturalness which stone flooring can add to your interiors will definitely make it all the more worthwhile.

Stone, as a flooring option, is relatively more expensive than some of the other materials, simply because quarrying for stone is an expensive process. The scarcity of this natural material makes it one of the most expensive, yet luxurious flooring options for one and all.

Designer ceramic tiles: Designer tiles are yet another option for people who seek luxury fused with elegant design. If you have some trendy ideas you want to convert into reality, then mosaic and designer ceramic tiles can make them come true. Handmade tiles, antique handmade versions along with glass tiles and pebble mosaics can help you stretch your horizons to a far off extent.

Play with some superior ceramic tile designs, or simply recreate the magic within your house, by using designer tiles. Mix and match all the options, so that your floor is your canvas, which is just waiting to be designed.

 Exotic hardwood: If different is what you crave for, then you have to spread your wings and look for the best the market has to offer. In this regard, you can look abroad to find the best unusual exotic hardwood for meeting your solid oak flooring needs. Countries like South America and Africa are potential storehouses for the best lumber options currently. However, before you do zero in on something you desire, make sure you add the installation and transportation cost into your budgets, before ordering from any lumber vendor.

Hand scraped flooring: This idea of flooring is definitely different from some of the most common options you get to see in the market these days. Hand scraped planks are a rage in the flooring industry; simply put, they impart elegance and subtleness to your interiors, like no other material can. Hand scraped flooring means that the wood has been nowhere near a machine for processing or scraping, which is what truly lends it the unfinished, rustic look.

Carpet tiles: Carpet tiles are easy to install and make one of the best choices when it comes to flooring. You can buy excellent designs for your house, mix and match options as well as choose the color which suits your interiors. The more you invest, the better the quality of carpet tiles you can purchase. Abstract designs, or solid designs, stripes or shapes, multi colored or simply one color; the buyer has so many choices to make. Depending on the need of the hour, you can decide what best tickles your fancy. 

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