Effects and Measures of Sun Exposure on Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood Floors often enhance the look of your rooms while increasing the value of your home, they also have the quality of adding warmth to your place. Hardwood Flooring comes in a number of shades varied from Solid Wood Flooring to Engineered Flooring to bamboo. Hardwood not only looks great but is durable and not that difficult to maintain.

Sun Exposure of Hardwood Floor:

While sun exposure lightens certain types of wood and darkens other, one may want to consider applying a spray on the protector, although their efficiency has become debatable in recent years.

Alike the sun damage to your skin, the majority share of loss to your floor materials and fittings is influenced by the bright (Uv) beam from the sun.

If we read the study by National Fenestration Rating Council (a Non-Profit organisation) that reviews the windows to define their power efficiency, has projected that roughly 40% to 60% of loss is generated to oak flooring by UV rays which result in corrosion and bleaching in items of furniture. Other conditions may include humidity, heat and artificial light.

On the off chance that you have ever had an upholstered sofa or an excellent carpet before a windowpane and saw it waning away more every year, now you can understand what an immediate daylight can do to your things and movables. Without your realisation, it may even change the colour of your wood floors completely.

Sun harm isn't just ugly, however, it is additionally expensive and will probably propel you to change your ground surface and different furniture all the more regularly.

The best form of protection from sun damage

Although some measures of protection are relatively common sense, such as keeping your curtains closed and blinds drawn, yet most of us would not like to feel like if they are lining in a dungeon and may want to consider other options.

While we as a whole won't have the capacity to slather a layer of sunscreen on our hardwood floor materials, there are various preventive measures we can take to avert sun harm, following are some valuable tips to secure our floor materials and spare yourself a minimal expenditure while we are grinding away:

1. Depending on the kind of flooring one has and the appearance one would like to install, one can use lacquer, varnish, shellac or polyurethane. There are also several oils and wax finishes that will preserve one's oak boards.

2. Utilizing Glass Coverings: Sometimes it is fine to have the slight presence of air and sunlight in your house. But, there's a great reason to have them capped, particularly when you are not at the place. Drapes and shades not only preserve your floors and other interior items from the repulsive sunstrokes. Therefore, keep glass covers on at all times – unhitch them up only when you need to feel the daylight and seal them up when you're away.

3. Another fabulous choice can be panes with low e-coated or laminated glass. Some manufacturers claim their products made with this type of glass can filter as much as 99% of harmful UV radiation, though this option may cost more than traditional windows.

4. Window films are another option to consider. Not only does this film filter UV light, but it also make windows resistant to breaking and facilitates less heat loss. If one's main concern is sun damage then focus on UV protection when you are selecting films.

Therefore, keeping our main concern in centre i.e. to protect our high-priced Engineered Hardwood Flooring from sun damage and implementing the best measures mentioned above, depending on the weather conditions and your budget.


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