How to Maintain Laminated Flooring?

Even the best of laminated floorings may turn fragile due to the lack of proper maintenance and care. Thankfully, the task of maintaining laminated flooring is quite easy and these tips will assist you in the maintenance of these floors.

Clean the stains

Immediately clean the stubborn stains of nail polish, mud and grease or any other liquid that gets spilled on the floor. These stains may spoil your laminated floorings and any spillage must be duly cleaned. Staining is possibly the worst enemy of any type of flooring, and it can damage the texture of floors substantially.

 Pad the legs of your furniture

You must be well aware of the fact that laminated floorings are quite delicate and excessive pressure can put a dent in them. Make sure that the legs of your furniture are padded to cushion their impact on the floor to ensure that the flooring remains free from dents.

Use vacuum cleaners

Make sure that you don’t use ordinary floor brushes that have stiff bristles as they may harm the laminated surface of the flooring. Instead, you may use a vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachments can go a long way in helping you clean your floorings without causing damage to them.

Keep your floor clean

Although most of the laminated floorings are scratch resistant, the accumulation of debris and excessive dirt may cause scratches on the flooring. Sweep your floor gently every day to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt. You should also wash the entire flooring with warm water once a month and mop the floor properly.

Use Doormats

The delicate laminate floorings can’t handle too much pressure and it is advisable to place a doormat in the frequently visited areas of the house. The heavy impact may adversely affect the durability of laminated floorings.

You can substantially increase the durability of your laminated floorings by following these tips.

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