Engineered Hardwood Floors vs. Traditional Hardwood Floors

The advancement in technology has not only brought evolution to electronic accessories and gadgets, but has brought major changes in other things like home décor. With new innovations and advanced technology, the skilled workers are successful in providing people with varied range of flooring for their home. Hardwood flooring is in high demand and it gives a new dimension when flooring is concerned.

You get wide variety of hardwood floors and can choose perfect flooring based on the wood species, plank width, and colours. A perfect choice of the floor can give an overwhelming effect to your home.

You can adopt various methods for flooring but for the people who want new appeal and some creativity in home décor, they should go for engineered hardwood flooring. You can install engineered hardwood flooring in any room, even if the room is exposed to a certain percentage of moisture.  Traditional hardwood flooring is generally installed in rooms which are generally free from moisture like living rooms, dining rooms, or the family rooms. After engineered hardwood came in to picture, it is possible to install wooden floors in master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, kitchens and also in basements.

Here are some features of the engineered hardwood flooring:

·      Unique selling point: The material is eco-friendly and therefore it gives an ethnic feel to your home.

·      Look and appeal:The material is very much appealing and attractive and is perfect for floors. The Engineered hardwood floors are highly in demand as it makes your home look unique and elegant.  Hand Scraped hardwood Floors gives a raw and rustic look to the house.

·      Durability:Engineered hardwood floors can withstand severe climatic conditions and generally last longer than any other type of flooring under various climatic conditions and moisture.

·      Maintenance:Maintaining this type of flooring does not require much effort, simple cleaning is enough. Engineered hardwood flooring can be definitely considered as best choice when maintenance is concerned.

·      Easy installation:Installing Engineered hardwood floors are so easy that you can install it on your own. You don’t require any body to help you to complete the whole procedure. Few tools are enough to help you out to finish the work in no time.

The Engineered Hardwood Floors can provide natural yet elegant look to your home and can bring new dimension to all the structures.

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