Go the sustainable route for your home flooring

Become environment friendly by making the right flooring choices; all you have to do is follow the eco-friendly route by installing sustainable flooring. By making a conscious effort to wean away from tiled, carpeted and wooden flooring, you too can contribute towards saving nature and reducing your carbon footprint.

Even though solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring make great flooring options, they might not prove to be the right choice for the environment. Do your bit, by making use of the following eco-friendly options for your home’s flooring.

  1. Reclaimed materials: Don’t limit your options to sustainable wooden flooring options only, when you have a chance to explore reclaimed flooring options. In an ideal situation, reclaimed items have already been manufactured, so why not make good use of them, instead of throwing them in a landfill? Most construction companies, home and garden centres take special orders for reclaimed materials, which makes it easy to procure flooring material. If you want the material directly from the source, you can visit buildings which are being torn down; pick and choose what you would like for your house, as the list of options will be endless.
  2. Certified Wood: Certain flooring companies are certified by Forestry Stewardship Council, which simply means FSC certified wood has been harvested according to strict harvesting guidelines. The wooden flooring options range from Tigerwood, Beech, to Hickory, and American Cherry. Since certification is an expensive process, you might find a smaller number of mills in your area, selling these options. However, rest assured there might be many other mills following the same principles of harvesting, which may not have undergone the certification process, given the cost constraints.
  3. Cork: Cork has emerged as one of the best eco-friendly options in the market these days. Earlier cork was only used to make corkboards and bottle corks; these days, this trend is changing, as cork is also available in planks and tiles for flooring purposes. Since this wooden type is an eco-friendly option, it’s often harvested without harming/killing the tree. Given the fact that it is a soft material, its pliable, easy to install and extremely durable. Cork, as a flooring option, will prove to be a good incubator and can do wonders for you by reducing heating costs in winters.
  4. Bamboo: Bamboo has a quick growth, making it another sustainable option for homeowners looking for flooring options. It can be harvested every 5 years and can be crafted into strips, planks and even stained to use as a flooring option. With so many options, bamboo is an excellent choice, which is not only durable but also a sustainable option for homeowners looking for good flooring options.

Eco-friendly is the way to go these days; there are a few other options which include recycled materials and Strandwoven Wood, apart from the options mentioned above.

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