Top flooring trends for 2020

We are already halfway through 2020, but still, the flooring trends won’t change. From stylish tiles to carpet trends, these flooring trends are here to stay for the remaining part of the year.

New herringbone

Herringbone flooring has emerged as one of the preferred options and gained immense popularity over the years. Wooden flooring, like solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring, has become a forgotten trend of the past. Herringbone has ushered in a new phase of flooring, with colours ranging from grey, black and pink. An ideal option for people who want to be a part of the new emerging trends of 2020.

Striped designer flooring

Basic, bland carpets no longer bring in the oomph factor. 2020 is all about bringing in the bold stripes and doing away with the chunky weighted stripes. Carpeted flooring might not have gone out of style, but the bolder designs are definitely doing the rounds of houses these days.

Constellation inspired flooring

Constellation inspired flooring is going to woo you with awe. From becoming a discreet option to a well-preferred alternative for bold homeowners, constellation inspired flooring has become the new age flooring trend. If you want to rock your interiors with some stylish flooring, check out the ultra-bold designs offered by constellation inspired flooring.

Concrete flooring

Industrial interior lovers love concrete flooring and now even homeowners are beginning to look at concrete flooring as a viable home flooring option. Even though concrete flooring is rapidly becoming an elite choice, it can be an expensive option for homeowners. Simply put, if you want a similar design for your house flooring, you can opt for vinyl, which will give your interiors the same effect, but for half the price.

Luxury vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl planks

Add a layer of luxury to your home interiors by choosing luxury vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl plans. The newest entrants to the flooring market are durable, waterproof, easy to clean and are even scratch-resistant. Offering a range of designs to homeowners, this flooring option is every home owner’s delight. These flooring options combine luxury and cost-effectiveness into some amazing options.

Fumed wooden flooring

Different types of wooden flooring undergo staining procedures, in order to give them different stains and colours. On the contrary, fumed flooring inherits its rich colour and grains without staining. Instead, the wooden planks are put through a procedure called fuming. This is carried out by placing the wooden planks inside a chamber, wherein ammonia is released. The wood, in turn, reacts with the ammonia and inherits the colour, grain and design. An ideal option for homeowners who want to imbibe a rustic look in their homes.

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