Hardwood Flooring for the Health of Your Family

Your health and well-being are of primary importance, as a homeowner, when it actually comes to home renovations and redesigning. You would always want to keep your home from harmful products like asbestos and other carcinogenic materials.

Hardwood flooring, be it solid, engineered or parquet offered by various Genuine Solid Oak Flooring Suppliers in London is a beneficial deck alternative that you should give a thought to in making your home healthful and safe for your whole family.

Here are the foremost reasons why homeowners should decide on hardwood flooring for ensuring the best health and safety concerns.

·       To provide resistance to the growth of molds and bacteria

Hardwood flooring prevents the growth of molds, bacteria and other microorganisms thereby minimizing the risks and adverse effects on your health. The last thing you would want for your children is to make them brush against a floor that is potentially hazardous while they learn to walk, tumble or wrestle playfully on the ground.

Spawning of molds and dampness can badly affect your respiratory system and health of individual family members with deficient immunity especially children and the elderly.

A lasting exposure to bacteria and molds can make you vulnerable and increase the likeliness of contracting illnesses like rashes, asthma, skin lesions, and oral infections.

Fortunately, designed hardwood flooring is a health-friendly option to avert these ailments from occurring. In this way, it encourages you and your family to live in a carefree, cheerful, and healthy environment in your home.

·       To ease-up floor cleanliness and maintenance

With hardwood flooring, you can enjoy more stability and durability because of the enhanced internal balance in between the layers of wood. Because of the manner in which the hardwood flooring installation is conducted, the underlayment (the deepest layer of the wood), fends off the formation and build-ups of molds.

A synthesized moisture barrier present in the underlayment arrests the mold from striking a dangerous risk and jeopardizing your health. That’s why hardwood flooring is very much preferred as it helps to improve and retain the good health of your lungs and other vital organs.

Engineered hardwood flooring has very little permeability because of its numerous layers. Therefore, spills won’t effectively infiltrate the hardwood. If you need a floor that can be easily cleaned and disinfected, you should contemplate constructing hardwood floor applications in your home from one of the best Durable Engineered Oak Flooring Stores in London.


·       To avoid warping due to heavy moisture attacks

Hardwood flooring is impervious to variations in temperature and humidity. It exhibits reduced expansion and constriction. The wood layers hinder unreasonable measures of moisture from working up and circumvent the twisting and warping of the floor surface. This keeps any swelling or distortion from occurring.

A floor that has fewer gaps and cups is much safer to walk, particularly since children and youngsters show proneness to run around a lot. This makes hardwood flooring an incredibly safe choice to consider. With a built hardwood floor, you never again need to be anxious about you, your children, or your pets stumbling and tripping onto items of furniture or the floor.


Thus, on the off chance, you are concerned about health and safety of your family, installing hardwood flooring is an option that’s a cut above the rest.

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