The Dos and Don?ts of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Are you of late giving a serious thought to the intention of swapping your existing solid wood flooring with innovatively crafted engineered hardwood flooring in your house or office? Exquisitely designed and visually delightful engineered hardwood flooring is a reliable and an impressive choice.

  • Widely recognized to come up with a purpose of establishing sturdy and durable interiors, engineered hardwood flooring is a viable and superbly popular form of flooring as it characterizes myriad advantages that include:
  • A feasible and sustainable long-haul investment
  • More impervious to humidity and moisture than solid hardwood
  • Allows limited probability for wood to expand and contract
  • Highly favourable and acclamatory to various types of interior depictions and designs
  • The type is simple and effortless to clean and maintain
  • Brings forth an environmentally friendly surface contact
  • Supreme quality and delectable look and feel
  • Sturdy, stable and long-lasting finish

Although engineered hardwood flooring is a versatile solution, it has inherent necessities for its proper upkeep, which consumers are not always aware of. Owners who keep from researches on the installation and care of engineered hardwood flooring, more often than not, encounter a significant wastage of money, time and the overall investment owing to a shoddy execution of the flooring application.

Specified below are some of the most important engineered hardwood flooring dos and don’ts which only well-known and established Durable Engineered Oak Flooring Stores in London emphasize upon their customers to follow carefully by helping them with a comprehensive brochure on this matter.

The Dos

Do take into consideration the environment where your engineered hardwood flooring is going to be installed. Ascertain the moisture level and the pitch of the footfall within the confines of your facility and settle on the flooring species appropriately.

On the off chance that you almost have no experience in the installation of engineered hardwood flooring, do employ a professional expert to implement the job.


At the time of cleaning the hardwood flooring inside your home or office, do stress upon the usage of vacuum cleaners and dry or dank mops to retain the cleanliness of the flooring bereft of any dirt or debris.


As soon as you begin the installation, do rub off and erase all spills and tip-overs on your engineered hardwood flooring quickly to prevent permanent damages due to water spillage and stains.


To minimize the effects of dirt and mud muck largely, do put thick and wide mats and rugs by all passages, entrances, and high activity areas.


To stay away from lasting scrapes and scratches, do place preventive coverings and pads underneath every furniture leg including tables, chairs, sofas, couches, desks, cupboards, cabinets and so on.


The Don’ts

Don’t ever apply separate layers and coats of stains or polyurethane substances on engineered hardwood flooring finished hitherto.

At the time of cleaning your newly installed engineered hardwood flooring, make sure that you don’t resort to using wax-based cleaning materials of other harsh and abrasive detergents, which will end up in making the polish of your flooring look insipid, lifeless, and completely botched-up.Albeit engineered hardwood flooring is more waterproof than solid hardwood flooring, it’s imperative that you don’t rub in the floors with excessive water while cleaning as that will cause irreversible damage to the gloss and finish of your floor.

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