How Often Should You Refinish Your Hardwood Floor?

Well-built hardwood floor especially solid oak flooring can really last a lifetime. But, with time the wood is bound to show signs of wear and tear. Scratches start getting more prominent, the color of the floor starts getting uneven. Although, there is no set answer to the question; how often should you refinish your hardwood floor? It depends on a lot of factors.

Let’s talk about the various signs with which you will be able to make out whether your solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring required refinishing.

  1. Too many Scratches: You might need refinishing when the scratches start getting too prominent. You may call it that it a ‘weathered’ look of the floor. But, even that look is best achieved when done evenly with the brush. Bit of scratching is fine but deep or excessive scratches need to be refinished.
  2. Uneven Colour: With time the solid oak flooring might start to show uneven coloring in some areas (especially the areas which are directly exposed to sunlight).

They start to look very uneven and unattractive. You should think of refinishing the floor to recover the even color of the floor.

  1. Dullness: A wood floor’s finish could be glossy, matte, brushed or satin. With time, you might notice that the finish of the floor is getting dull (especially in high traffic areas). This inconsistency in the wood flooring can make the floors look neglected.


A Word of Caution

Refinishing your floor definitely makes your floor look fresh and new. But you must keep in mind that every time you refinish your solid oak flooring, you are removing a layer of wood. Solid Oak flooring can undergo the process multiple times but, Engineered Oak Flooring can handle it only once or twice.

Floors that get refinishing too often tend to lose their natural beauty and that is the reason we recommend that solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring must only be refinished when it is apparent that they need it.

If you are still in a fix and unable to decide whether or not you should refinish your floors, we will be happy to help. We would love to visit for an inspection and then come out with a solution on the refinishing issue irrespective of the fact, that the floors are installed by us or not. Connect with us today!

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