2019 Hardwood Flooring Color Trends

Decor and Home Design trends change comparatively a lot slower than let’s say, clothes fashion but, that doesn’t mean they don’t change at all. We can observe some interesting hardwood flooring color trends making their way in people’s homes.

Darker colors seem to have taken a back seat. Lighter shades, some clever blend of colors this year is changing the entire hardwood flooring color trends. So, if you are thinking of installing solid oak flooring, engineered oak flooring or any other flooring for that matter, here are some interesting color trends that might help you decide the color of your floors.

GREIGE: “Greige” what’s that? Is it a Gray or Beige? Can’t decide? Wait! Let’s go for a Greige (Gray + Beige). Gray floors have been quite popular for a while now but, in 2018 we saw more of a darker gray. Sometimes the darker gray color of solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring leaves the room a bit stark and cold. That is the reason why an intelligent blend of gray and beige (Greige) is gaining more popularity.

ECLIPSE BLACK: Pure black wood floors are rarely preferred for most rooms. However, an interesting new color ‘Eclipse Black’ is topping the charts lately. It brings more of a shadowy charcoal look to the floors. It works well with solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring with a matte finish.

WHITE, OFF-WHITE OR BLONDE: Colours like white-on-white and beige with white or off-white give a “beachy” sort of a look to a room. This color can be achieved by painting and sealing the wood or by whitewashing the wood for a more subtle sea-salt white. A big negative of this color though is that it is almost impossible to keep the solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring clean. The stains on the floor show very easily.

VARIANCE: Confused about which color to choose for your floors? Why not go for a blend of all the trending colors. You don’t have to decide upon one color you can go for high variance color scheme. It is created by combining solid oak or engineered oak planks of varying shades within a color scheme for creating an interesting texture.

At Nexus Flooring, we can install hardwood floors of every possible shade and color combination. Contact us for quality flooring installations.

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