How to Install Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is nowadays considered as one of the most exquisite flooring options that can add value, warmth and style to your home. Along with the elegance it gives your home, it is one of the most durable flooring options available, which can last for a lifetime with proper maintenance. Solid hardwood flooring has a rich, attractive appeal due to the single piece of wood used in its construction. This flooring is most suitable for spaces like a living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen.

By installing the hardwood flooring by yourself, you don't just save money, but also have a sense of accomplishment by seeing your finished flooring. Here are the steps to install your hardwood floor:

1.     Source the wood from a reputed supplier: Make sure that you are buying the right wood material, in line with the desired look that suits your home decor.

2.     Prepare the wood to acclimate: It is advisable to store the wood in the room, where you are going to install the flooring, for several days prior to installation. This is to give the wood a chance to expand and contract based on the temperature and humidity of the space. 

3.     Remove the old floor down to sub floor: Since installing a wooden floor is an expensive task, proper preparation is key to ensure quality. Hardwood flooring must be laid on a clean, smooth and structurally sound base which could be a previous floor covering, a new plywood subfloor or concrete. It is advisable to remove all hindrances like nails from the sub-floor for best results.

4.     Begin by snapping a chalk line across the sub – floor: You have to measure the distance of one floor board plus ¼ to 1/8 inch expansion space out from the wall. A thin wood material is sufficient to use as a spacer against the wall.

5.     Laying the first row of hardwood: You can start with the longest wall using the longest, straightest floor boards you have. It is very important to use very straight boards for the first few rows. Using finish nails, you can do face nailing and then angle nailing for the initial few rows of boards. This will keep your first few rows, absolutely straight, as the wall prevents the use of a floor nail gun.

6.     Completing the wood floor installation: Now you can dry fit a few rows by sorting and placing the different boards for an appealing pattern and appearance. Remember to make sure that each board end is at least 4-6 inches from the board ends of previous row. Continue the process with a floor nail gun until you reach the wall and then face nail the last rows. You will require to use a short pry bar to push the final board against its adjacent board as you nail and drill it.

7.     Follow manufacturer's instructions:  Always remember to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions pertaining to floor installation.

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