Tips to maintain wooden flooring during the summers

While hardwood flooring can add great aesthetic appeal and elegance to your home, they also demand regular maintenance. Since wooden flooring is made of natural wood, it bears the natural tendency to expand and contract due to climatic changes. Wooden flooring can add the comfort level of your house while getting it into a wonderful investment, if you can protect it with regular upkeep.

Summer changes in wooden flooring:

Proper care and maintenance is essential for wooden flooring in summer months because of the changes in humidity level. Even the superior quality wood installed carefully can expand or cup due to high moisture content and humidity level in the air.

Here are some tips to maintain your wooden flooring during summer months:

  1. It is advisable to clean the wooden floor with a vacuum cleaner instead of a mop, because it allows the dust and soil to be pulled from between the boards.  Vacuum with a bare floor attachment   is best for wood.

  2. Cleaning wooden floor with regular household dusting and cleaning products can cause permanent damage to the floor. Always remember to use only wood specific cleaning products. Experts suggest using natural cleaning materials like olive oil to clean wooden floor instead of wax based cleaners.

  3. You can install blinds or sheers on windows and doors to avoid direct sun rays discoloring the wooden floor.  This protects your floor by reducing oxidation and ageing of the wood.

  4. Avoid cleaning the floor directly with water, which can alter the color of wood. You can wipe off spills and grime with a damp cloth instead of water.

  5. Installing a de-humidifier at home helps to moderate humidity level indoors and also takes up the moisture in the air. This will help minimize the risk of floor warping.

  6. Refrain from using detergents, wax or any other oil based soap on the wooden base. These may spoil the finish of the floor, making it slippery and tough to maintain later on.

  7. While a mixture of water and vinegar are widely used for cleaning wood floors, experts are not recommending this, since vinegar will have an oxidizing effect on the floor if used for a longer period.

  8. Sand, dust and dirt are the toughest enemies of wooden floor and hit the shiny surface look dull and ugly. It is important to use small mats near outside doors to prevent soil from entering into your household.

  9. To protect your floors from getting scratched daily, you can use cloth furniture protectors or glue felt pads under the leg of furniture and chairs. It is also advisable to avoid high heels and shoes while walking on a wooden floor.

  10. In order to protect your wooden flooring from summer hazards, it is indispensable to assure a reasonable level for air-conditioning and humidity control throughout the season.  With careful maintenance using these tips can take you a long way in enjoying the comfort of your cherished wooden flooring.

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