How to Pick Hardwood According To Your Climate

Wooden flooring is essentially a general term used for floor planks that are crafted out of timber. However, as you may already know, there are various kinds of wood floorings that are used in construction. While varieties such as pine, fir, and redwood are considered as softwood, other kinds such as oak, Blackwood, and beech fall into the category of hardwoods.

Undoubtedly, most floor manufacturers and flooring companies agree that wooden flooring is one of the best, however, we also have to keep in mind that these kinds of floors are made of natural products i.e. timber. Thus, irrespective of how expensive and fine-quality wood you pick, after a while, they will start showing their natural attributes – cracking, expanding, and shrinking. To avoid it as best as you can, you must not only pick solid wood planks for your home but you also need to consider the climate of where you stay.

Hot/Humid Weather and Hardwood Floors

If you stay in a hot and humid climate, you can probably use hardwood floors for your property without any bubbling or warping. This is because humidity, up to a certain level, is actually considered good for hardwood as it prevents it from cracking and shrinking. However, if you live in an area which stays humid throughout the year and has a high moisture content in the environment, it can do more bad than good to hardwood floors. Too much humidity can cause hardwood to swell or expand. Keeping these factors in mind, it is probably best for you to pick hardwood that is best suitable for the climate. Hickory, bamboo, as well as American beach are some of the varieties to pick if you face a humid weather for the most part of the year.

Cold Weather and Hardwood Floors

Countries which are closer to the polar zones face a below freezing temperature for most months of a year. In fact, there are quite a few places on the planet which sees a very limited amount of sunshine within the whole year. For such places, centralized heating systems are a must in every home. Unless you use a humidifier for the entire house, chances are that all the moisture from your home will disappear naturally causing the environment to be extremely dry. This will lead to loss of moisture from the hardwood and leave it to shrink and possibly crack.

Aside from the hot, humid, and cold weather, there are places in the world which have a normal temperate climate which means these places are neither too hot nor too cold, for instance, London. It is best to procure the material from an engineered wood flooring store in London and any such city because the weather here is usually moderate and pleasant.

To conclude, it is critical to note that the weather outside and inside the four walls of your home play a significant role in the use and maintenance of the material to be used to build the house. So, think wisely and do your research before you draw a decision.

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