How will coronavirus change our home?s flooring options?

As the worldwide pandemic continues to spread, there is endless scrutiny of our surroundings and understanding how germs, bacteria and viruses surround us. Even though social distancing has become the need of the hour, there is an imminent need to keep the germs and viruses at bay too, especially within the house.

As the pandemic continues to change every aspect of our lives, we will also evolve to understand how our flooring preferences will change post the pandemic. In other words, here is the way the interior design trends will change in a post-pandemic world.

Luxury vinyl flooring will take laminated flooring’s place

Despite solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring being everyone’s first preference, there is a shift in the other flooring options, especially between vinyl and laminated flooring. Vinyl flooring imbibes the aesthetics of wood while being far superior to laminated flooring. Laminated flooring is not an ideal option for avoiding germs, bacterial growth and viruses.

Not only does vinyl flooring prove to be a durable option, but it is also a great addition for keeping your home clean and microbe-free. Luxury vinyl flooring is luxurious for a reason; it has an antimicrobial layer built into it during the finishing process. Clean your floors with bleach, steam and disinfectants. This will offer the best results for homeowners.

Cork flooring is going to be the new choice for homeowners

Just like vinyl, cork flooring is also quickly becoming an option for many homeowners. Not only is it water-resistant, but it comes with a natural antimicrobial layer, making it a good choice for homeowners. It is a natural, eco-friendly option, which is extremely economical for one’s pocket. The cushioned surface is good for people who have a knee and back problem. Since cork flooring is anti-static, it makes the flooring dust resistant, as well as toxic resistant.

Antimicrobial ceramic tiles will pave the way to a new future

Ceramic tiles are an excellent way of keeping your home germs free. Since ceramic flooring does not break down with steaming and cleaning solutions, it is yet another good option for homeowners. Various companies are offering customized products in the market, which offer antimicrobial layers and a microbe-free surface for best results. The ideal option will be the one which suits your fancy. Choose from the list above and protect your family by installing the best floors in the market.

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