Dogs and Flooring

Attention pet owners! There is a world of suitable flooring options for your furry companions

Have dogs and cats in the house? It’s great! But the pitter-patter of your furry friend’s paws on the flooring can wreak havoc, and leave your floors wounded, literally. Since dogs and cats make great companions, one has to be careful of the kind of flooring in the house. If you are a homeowner, you need to install floors which would not only stand the test of time but also withstand the wear and tear caused by your pet’s ongoing activities.

Here are some options worth considering for your house, which can vary depending on the home owner’s taste and likings.

Stone and tiles might be durable, but are they in demand?

When it comes to having pets around, you would love to have durable flooring, which should be easy to maintain, easy to clean and most of all, scratch-free. But are options like stone, tile and concrete a preferred option for homeowners? Even though these options prove to be an excellent flooring option for pet owners, they might not be their first choice, simply due to their look and feel.

When your dog does its patented body shake or your cat leaves behind a trail of hair, you might think about the benefits of these flooring types. However, in winters, you might not feel so lucky, after all. The lack of warmth and insulation from the floor’s surface might make it a cold choice for your pet to rest on. Simply put, either you will have to use carpets and rugs on these floors in winters, or choose a different flooring option which addresses all your pet problems.

Laminate flooring is an option but has less traction

Solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring might not be a good option for homeowners with pets. Laminated flooring steps in as an alternative, as it is easy to clean, maintain and offers more or less all the desired results of good flooring. Pet accidents, scratches and all the other pet problems are easily taken care of with laminated flooring. However, the slippery surface might prove to be an issue, which can make your pets slip and cause great discomfort while walking. If laminated flooring is your preferred choice, you can go for a textured surface to avoid such mishaps.

Certain hardwood varieties might prove to be more suitable

Even though solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring might seem like the best option for homeowners, it’s not necessary such flooring types will be suitable for all pet owners. Even though hardwood flooring has its own level of comfort within the house, it can easily get scratches and warped with pet accidents. If you are really keen to not deviate from hardwood flooring, it’s advisable to use Maple wood, Brazilian walnut and Bamboo flooring for your house. However, a word of caution; please ensure you keep your pet’s claws trimmed and clear away any pee accidents immediately.

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