Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Trends

It is always a good option to remodel your home once in a while. Flooring is a crucial part of the home decor which can give an entirely new look to the floors of your room. However, not many people remain updated with the latest floor designs and trends. If you want to experiment with the look of your home, know about these major hardwood flooring trends which are capturing a lot of attention nowadays.

Solid Hardwoods never went out of the trend

Because of the durability and long-lasting property, floorings such as solid oak hardwood floorings are becoming an indelible name in the world of interior designing. Though this type of floorings might be pricey, they deliver the service which you have paid for. Also, it would be easier to spruce up such floors as they do not collect debris and dust. All you need to do is keeping the floor dry. You can also try a wide range of wood colors in this type of flooring. From the calm grey & white shades to the bright natural wood colors, the list of color choices goes on and on.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring- The Epitome Of Durability

Some of the homeowners search for a flooring option which needs less maintenance. Engineered wood planks and engineered oak hardwood flooring are not as finicky as any traditional hardwood. This real wood flooring has a thin hardwood layer on the top of the plywood. This kind of flooring is suitable for the families who own pets or have small kids at home. In addition to this, the installation process of engineered wood is also less cumbersome.

Explore A Variety Of Styles With Walnut Flooring

Being one of the variants of hardwood flooring, walnut flooring sets the new standard for luxury and warmth. It has a glossy finish which adds to the beauty of your rooms. The best thing about this kind of flooring is that it is available in various styles. From solid wood plank flooring to the engineered flooring, walnut flooring is available in several forms. You can also explore the different available colors such as dark black, tobacco, grey and golden shades. The ease of maintenance and durability are the other two features which validate its popularity.

Choose Parquet Flooring & Go Budget Friendly

Who doesn’t dream of getting an elegant home decor option at a reasonable price? The appealing look of parquet flooring doesn’t come pricey and also adds a pinch of sophistication to your rooms. Parquet flooring is usually easy to clean. Hence you don’t need to worry about the stains which spoil the look of your floors every now and then. With its long lifespan, it sets a perfect example of durability. If you are exploring the options for new flooring, parquet flooring can be the right pick for you.

A good flooring choice not only adds to the visual appeal of your rooms but also saves the cost with its long-lasting service. Hardwood flooring has been a timeless beauty which has evolved in several ways. From the classy finish and calming color to the aesthetics, hardwood flooring has a huge variety to offer. If you are also looking to refinish your floors, don’t forget to check the latest trends of flooring.

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