Top 4 Luxurious Flooring Options for Your Home

If money is of no constraint while choosing the best flooring options for your house, then you have to give more than a glance to these flooring options. Not only are these flooring options top quality, but they also rank high on durability and style. From marble flooring to luxury vinyl, everything comes at its own price, and each flooring type has its own trend to set.


Natural Stone Flooring


Think of a palace and its lush stone flooring. Don’t you think the stone flooring is one of the most prestigious, yet fascinating factors which make the palace beautiful? Believe it or not, despite being one of the most commonly found substances on the planet, natural stone is one of the most expensive flooring options. Quarrying for stone is an expensive business, which is one of the major reasons why it’s in such high demand.

Given the paucity of readily usable stone and the nature of its extraction business, it is one of the most luxurious flooring options for homeowners. Stone flooring has its own opulence and lends a subtle, yet rugged look to the interiors. Stone flooring is easy to maintain and ranks very high on the durability quotient as well.


Mosaic Ceramic Flooring


Mosaic ceramic flooring leaves a lot to your imagination. Simply put, imagine being able to put your designer thoughts right onto your floor’s design, all thanks to mosaic ceramic flooring. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the ceramic tiles; handmade tiles, Italian, antique, glass tiles, pebble mosaics and not to forget, the customized tiles. There are a lot of options one can choose from in the mosaic category.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles


Vinyl might seem like a dirt cheap option, however, there are a lot of variations one can use in this category even. Luxury Vinyl Tiles or most commonly known as LVT, has now become a game changer within the industry. LVT is good when it comes to mimicking the real thing. In other words, if you crave for stone or wooden flooring, but are not too keen on spending too much money, then you can go for the LVT option. Since vinyl is a good replacement for both flooring options, you can take the quality up by a notch with LVT.


Hardwood Flooring


Wooden flooring is a completely different yet the most popular form of flooring options as compared with the above. Providing a totally unique designer makeover to your condo, this flooring option is much classy as compared with the latter. You have a choice to choose from various Oak Flooring. If you prefer going for more raw shaped structure for your house then Solid Hardwood Flooring will be the best choice.

But if you want wooden to make your home more luxurious and pleasurable by their presence then the leading choice would be to select from the Best Selling Engineered wood planks store in London, Uk.

Also, don’t forget to checkout Parquet Flooring varieties if you have planned to go for designer wooden flooring.


Overall, it’s all about your taste to pick the best for your home interiors and make decisions according to the running trends.


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