Taking Care of Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered flooring is a good example of a style and class that a person maintains. But it does need the occasional care and cleaning so that the shine and color is maintained. The processes associated with taking care of engineered wood flooring are very simple. It is trouble free and does not need any troublesome processing if they are cleaned on a regular basis. Also, the wood flooring retains its color, texture, natural pattern and shine for the longest time by following some basic cleaning procedures. Some of them are – 
• The engineered flooring should be swept, cleaned and dried everyday
• In case dusting is to be done, one can use a soft cloth as a mop. In case a vacuum cleaner is used, ensure that the cleaner has a soft opening so that no scratch marks develop on the floor.
• In case a wet mop is used to clean the floor, one must ensure adequate ventilation so that the floor is dried up fast. A wet floor can damage the upper payer of the wood and the finish. Prolonged exposure to water can damage the wood as well as cause fungal infection in the wood.
• In case of spills on the wooden floor, it must be mopped up as soon as possible. Food stains can damage the wood and can put a permanent mark on the wood as well.
• Rooms having special wooden flooring should always have door mats to keep sand, dust, glass particles and pebbles out of the flooring. These items cause the upper surface of wood flooring to erode faster.
• Sports shoes having spikes and running shoes should be avoided on wooden flooring. These shoes have hard grips which damage the upper layer.
• Extremely harsh detergents or acids should never be used to clean floors. These cleaning agents cause more damage that good. To remove a stain that does not come of easily with regular cleaners, it is advisable that the wood be polished again instead of using some harsh chemical on it.
It is imminent that the floor will wear away and lose its shine due to regular wear and tear over the years. Some very basic processes are involved in bringing back the shine and luster of the wood. Spray buffing, which removes unwanted scratches and an enhancer brings back the shine of the floor back. Eventually traffic lanes will be seen on the wood exposed to higher footfall. 
For these areas, or light sanding or screening with proper sanding screen or sanding paper followed by local processing will restore the wood to its original form.

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