Types of Weathered Wood Flooring

The phrase “Old is Gold” sits aptly well for weathered wood. Weathered wood is a type of wood that has been used for a number of years and has a distinct past. Distressed wood floor, White washed wood floor and Reclaimed wood floor are some of the major types of weathered wood floors. Weathered wood has atypical look of an old wood which has a really strong appeal. The wood usually has a long history attached with it and mostly weathered wood are the ones in use for a many years.
Weathered wood is the kind of wood that has endured the test of time and undergone a lot of natural wear and tear. It has a rugged look and usually has a lot of holes and markings on the body. Weathered wood usually goes well with rooms that have a lot of leather furniture in the household and the house has been designed with a certain classic look in mind. 
Though the costs of weathered wood flooring is slightly high, but still one can expect the owner of such flooring to be regarded as one of great taste and sense of fashion. Some of the major types of weathered wood flooring are – 
• Reclaimed wood floor – Reclaimed wood flooring is in huge demand now for flooring use in institutions such as churches and auditoriums in schools. Reclaimed wood is basically giving the wood a second lease of life. What is most important in case of distressed wood is the fact that one needs to have a very calm mind while tracking the right kind of wood that would give out the right amount of shine, color and texture after reprocessing. The prices go down a bit if the reprocessing is done with machine instead of hand.
• White washed wood floor – this is a light colored floor that has a weathered look. Whitewashing, which is a mixture of chalk and calcium hydroxide is the foremost method of protecting wood. Today, whitewashing is regarded as a style statement. Whitewashed wood flooring usually goes well. This kind of wood is usually oiled and brushed or lacquered. A certain type of whitewashed wood is also fired in heat to give it shades of dark. This kind of wood is ideal for light colored flooring.
• Distressed wood floor – wood which is specially processed to give them an old look and feel is known as distressed wood. Distressing is done by hitting the wood with chains, hammers, scrapers and other hard objects that can cause damage. Thus it carries a high price tag. The wood is beaten in a systematic manner till gets the look and feel of a old wood.

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